Rogalski Damaschin organized White Friday for companies 


Romanian Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations organized, on Black Friday, its own version of the event, within the White Friday program.

White Friday was at its first edition but, even so, 26 NGOs and small and medium enterprises (IMMs) demanded Rogalski Damaschin’s communication services. The initiative introduced for the first time on Romanian communication market the “Black Friday” concept, turning it into “White Friday”, an opportunity for IMMs and NGOs to acquire communication services only with good deeds, by making a pledge fr their cause or company.

Most applications for the program came from the non-governmental sector, from organizations with activities related to education, environment protection, health, social integration for vulnerable people. IMMs who opted for Rogalski Damaschin’s services come from sectors like food and nutrition, cosmetics and medical services.

In just 24 hours, the agency managed to exhaust the 10 packages of services and decided to supplement them and to offer communication services to all those who applied.

The most popular communication services demanded on White Friday were digital PR & social media (13 packages), media relations and public speaking (9), personal branding (3) and crisis management (1). The communication services packages acquired on White Friday will be delivered by June 2nd 2015.

White Friday will continue also in 2015, in an extended version which will see involved also other providers of services for IMMs and NGOs, as the agency remains faithful to its mission to create a positive social and economic impact through ideas that inspire a change for good.