Nicoleta Padure (Media Concept Store) is representing Romania as juror at Dubai Lynx

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Nicoleta Padure, Managing Partner Media Concept Store, is Romania’s juror at Dubai Lynx 2015 and will judge within the Creative Media section. Nicoleta gave us some insight about the juror status and what’s expected this years when it comes of media in the interview below.

AdHugger: You are the Romanian juror at Dubai Lynx, within the Creative Media section. What are your expectations, taking into consideration your expertise as a juror at Eurobest, a few years back?

Nicoleta Padure: I was thrilled about their invitation; it is always a pleasure to be part of such a creative manifest. Based on my experience with Eurobest, I expect days full of debating each and every case, a mix of “stand up” for your idea and finding the right balance with the other jurors, to come up with the best decision in the end.

Nicoleta Padure

AdH: What is the kind of work you think the jurors will be awarding this year? Do you think there is a common DNA for awarded work, regardless of the place of origin?

N.P.: I think that those campaigns that succeed in discovering new media channels within the right context and with a touch of emotion will have a big advantage.

AdH: What part of your Eurobest judging experience will you use the most in judging the Dubai Lynx case studies?

N.P.: It’s not just one part; it’s the whole experience of Eurobest that will serve me well this second time.

AdH: You went independent after more than 15 years of management in a few of the biggest media agencies and departments of the Romanian industry. What are the memorable experiences as an independent?

N.P.: Memorable was the whole process of building our agency’s expertise from media to a new communication perspective, based on a creative core that transcends boundaries across all channels.

AdH: What would you recommend to the younger generation interested in creative media?

N.P.: To be bold, but not unreasonable; to be spirited, but not arrogant; to be emotional, but not grumble and if today is not the day when you’ll succeed, there is always tomorrow.

AdH: Creative communication worldwide puts emphasis on “the human kind”, while technology is also running high. What are the benefits and the risks for the industry?

N.P.: My feeling is that this situation is not about risks and benefits. Having been created by us, humans, no matter in which direction technology is going, it will always serve “the human kind”.

Nicoleta Padure founded Media Concept Store in 2010, gathering together a homogenous team fresh in spirit,  creative in media and with a good vibe, and, the same year, she was part of the Media jury at Eurobest.

Her decisions rely on a mix of strong intuition and a clear cold mind backed up by extensive experience. This balance allows her to be open to any novelty, any opportunity and any perspective, driving her and her team forward.

The energy she imprinted brought big clients into the company’s portfolio and the first Gold Award in Design in Romania, when two of her creative team won Gold in Young Lions Design at Cannes in 2013.

Previously she was the CEO of Media Direction-the media company of BBDO Group in Romania, part of Omnicom Group and has a background in TV, radio and trade marketing.