A piglet looking for its new voice – a new funny campaign for Antrefrig (Hame Romania) from Graffiti BBRO and GMP PR

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The campaigns for Antrefrig (Hame Romania) were always tongue-in-cheek, having as main character a hysterical blue piglet always yelling “Ficat” (n.red. Romanian for “liver”), which is the main component of the Antrefrig pate.

Recently, the blue piglet lost his voice, a reason for Romanian agencies Graffiti BBDO and GMP PR to launch a new campaign for Hame Romania, looking for the new “voice” of the character.

The concept of the campaign is based on the idea that the piglet yelling for years “Ficat-Ficat” in TVCs and on Facebook lost his voice. For a new ad, it needs fans’ help and organizes a national voice casting to select the person which will yell his signature words in the new commercials.

The campaign was inspired by fans’ reaction at piglet’s come back on the TV screens in 2013, when the fans showed their sympathy with comments, drawings, parodies or songs. Now it is the time for fans to do that officially, at piglet’s invite.

Campaign’s mechanism is a simple one: piglet’s fans make an account on www.antrefrig.ro or enter the contest with their Facebook account, register live on the website or upload one in which they yell “Ficat-Ficat” and automatically join a draw for a spot in the new commercial featuring the character.

Hundreds of fans already joined the casting and the first commercials are already live on TV and on Antrefrig piglet’s Facebook page.

The credits for the campaign go to:

Hame Romania: Sorin Bozdog – General Manager, Monica Spiru – Marketing Manager

Graffiti BBDO: Vlad Lazar – Creative Director, Andrei Nica – Group Creative Director / Copywriter, Ovidiu Hodorogea – Art Director, Corina Zorzor – Copywriting Intern, Cristina Schitco – Senior Account Manager, Ana-Maria Feraru – Junior Account Manager, Liviu Isop – Head of AV and Sorin Psatta – Integrated Communication Director

GMP PR: Octavian Gheorghe – Social Media Expert, Ana-Maria Diceanu – Senior Partner and George Toma – Social Media Analist

Production was handled by  Marius Olteanu – director