Another year, another Media Recap

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For te 3rd year in the row, Romanian PR agency Golin and Alex Ciuca launched Media Recap, a report gathering together information on the campaigns, events and trends in media and social media that influenced Romanian market. Besides the chronology, the report includes also materials with predictions for the year to follow

In the start of 2015, international studies and analysis showed that growth in social media would come from 2 directions. In Romania, Facebook remains leader in terms of daily impressions and users, while YouTube ranks second. On the other hand, Instagram posted an important growth among Romanian users, with now 45,000 active accounts and ranking 3rd among most used platforms by Romanians, followed by Tumblr and Pintrest.

Looking back to the year that passed, we can see some trends related to consumers’ expectations when we talk about their interaction with brands in social media. It becomes a more and more busy space, reason why brands will be able to generate the wanted reactions from consumers just through creative and more inclusive implementations. In 2015, we won’t discuss anymore about general trends, but about micro trends, generated in social media by the active and relevant communities for each particular brand. Each identified and monetized micro trend this year will be characterized with punctual existence and top of heart, but each will be a new opportunity for brands to be relevant in consumers’ mind and heart. Also, the explosion of the mobile and brand content’s digitalization allow today very cleare measurements on consumers actions in interacting with brands in social media and coming up with actions that would answer consumers habits and would translate in business results

Raluca Duta,

Chief of The Bridge Golin Romania.

Raluca Duta si Alex Ciuca

This is the 3rd year during which I make this e-book together with Golin Romania team and I believe it’s already a tradition. I was asked about the launch since the year started, which was a pleasant surprise. I am happy there are people that consider this material useful, especially as it involves a pretty complicated process. Each year, I try to to make a synthesis and pick up those events that really mattered

Alex Ciuca.

The e-book is in Romanian and is available here.