Centrade Romania signed the launch campaign for HBO Europe’s series Umbre


Centrade Romania signed the launch campaign for the series “Umbre” (“Shadows”), produced by HBO Europe and directed by Igor Cobileanski and Bogdan Mirica. The campaign – which ran during the first season of the series – aimed to attract the general public towards this local product, consolidating, in the same time, the image of HBO brand as an entertainment source which always goes beyond viewers’ expectations.


The concept of the series and of its promo campaign is duality, as all evolves around Relu, a taxi driver with a family and also the recuperator for a Bucharest Mafia-style group.

The promotional campaign used an unconventional approach of different communication mediums, like online, outdoor, indoor and PR.

tol box

Bedore series’ launch, the specialized public – bloggers and film critics – received a box with tools which could be used both for ordinary activities but also for unorthodox activities, like torture. The same tool box was used for outdoor executions, while central areas from Bucharest were used as support for projecting shadows.


The first season of the series ended on February 19th, with an event conceived and organized by Centrade – a party in the atmosphere of the series’ interlope world which was attended by 400 people.

The Centrade team working on the campaign included: Laura Iane (Co-Creative Director), Marius Tianu (Co-Creative Director), Alexandru Malaescu (Senior Art Director), Cristian Scurtu (Senior Copywriter), Razvan Lazareanu (Copywriter), Vlad Giogu (Head of Graphic Design), Marius Eftimie (Digital Copywriter), Catalin Ghinescu (Digital Art Director), Adrian Rosianu – Graphic Designer, Alexandra Terzi (Junior Web Designer), Corina Bratu (Strategic Planner), Gabriela Nanu (Client Service Director), Ioana Hurdubelea (Account Director), Deniss Radu (Account Manager), Dan Draghicescu (Senior TV Producer). HBO’s team included Irina Catanchin (PR & Marketing Manager), Ofelia Nastase (PR Coordinator HBO Romania), Magda Lisca (Marketing Coordinator HBO).