Conversion launched #DragoBT, most loveful online campaign for Transilvania Bank

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Romanian Conversion signs the digital communication strategy for the recent online shopping event in the banking sector, developed by Transilvania Bank on Dragobete (Romanian Valentine’s Day), #DragoBT.

Campaign’s challenge was to transform a shopping event with a strong rational character (focused generally on price, offers and complex products) into a real holiday. That was why the campaign chose to associate itself with Dragobete, Romania’s equivalent for Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 24th.

The campaign aimed to promote banking products (credits, shopping cards, travel cards, deposits, Internet Banking, KidCont) offered by Transilvania Bank at promotional costs, on February 23-24, exclusively online, in order to attract the public open towards technology and online shopping.

vizual campanie DragoBT - attach la comunicatul de presa

The campaign started with a teasing in which BT Male-Fairy rallyed Romanian bloggers in his quest to look for helpers. This way, five of the most appreciated Romanian bloggers launched a crowdsourcing contest, asking fans to find proper names for Fairy’s helpers, names to match the Romanian Dragobete. Each blogger chose a winning name and Transilvania Bank offered awards to the most inspired and creative commentators.

An important element from performance point of view was the structure and content for campaign’s landing page, clear and to the point so any person visiting bank’s website was able to get complex info in an easy-to-understand manner. Another differentiation and innovation element compared to other campaign was the mix of 2 products, as the campaign came up with “pair offers”

The digital communication strategy aimed the launch of the second online shopping event, #DragoBT, by associating it with a local holiday and monetizing on the new and more and more visible habit of banking services users: online shopping. The emotional component of the sent message (love) brought Transilvania Bank’s products a human dimension, making them more accessible and easy to like. Moreover, the campaign and the DragoBT naming got viral fast, generating interest and positioning one more time Transilvania Bank on the map of brands associated with the Romanian values and traditions

Mihai Caluseriu

Creative Director, Conversion.

With #DragoBT, we aimed to connect Romanians with the true motivation at the basis of their acquisition of financial-banking products: their authentic love and desire to offer the close ones all it is best. By personifying our products, we want to bring a new breath to the campaigns in the banking sector. We found in Conversion a professional and creative team who understood fully the specific of our product, coming up with a direction and a visual and narrative concept that matched our expectations

Sergiu Mircea

Director Marketing & Segments and Retail Products Transilvania Bank

Campaign credits:

Banca Transilvania: Sergiu Mircea – Director Marketing & Segments and Retail Products, Oana Iorgulescu – Chief Online Marketing Bureau

Conversion: Mihai Caluseriu – Creative Director, Alexandra Enea – Manager Digital Services RO, Bianca Leafu – Digital Media Planner, Ana-Maria Gheorghe – Copywriter, Alin Banu – Graphic Designer.

Conversion  is the biggest performance marketing aency in Romania, with a team of 35 specialists in engineering, design and online marketing offering integrated services of digital promotion (media, creation, web and mobile development, social media, e-mail marketing via Conectoo and affiliate marketing via Profitshare.

The agency has in its portfolio clients like eMag (Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary), Oriflame (14 CEE countries), OLX (Romania and Bulgaria), Depanero, Volksbank, Flanco, Transilvania Bank,, Coriolan, H Beer House, Centrofarm,, Zonga and YellowStore.

Conversion was founded in January 2012 and, since 2013, is part of Naspers group.