Centrade Romania invites consumers to live La Dolce Vita, in a campaign for La Festa

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Romanian Centrade and the actress Alexandra Dinu bring to life a “dolce vita” experience in the most recent campaign for La Festa Cappuccino, which runs in Romania from February to April. The campaign promotes a complet product La Festa Capuccino and flavored biscuits for a complete “dolce vita” experience.

la festa 1

Starting from the product – a delicious cappuccino accompanied by flavored biscuits – the strategic objective of the campaign was to highlight brand’s emotional promise: Italian-style relaxation. This way, we tried to bring closer to the public the values appreciated and associated to Italy: the unmatched style, elegance, optimism, exhuberance and personal enjoyment.

Florin Ionescu,

Strategic Planner Centrade

The campaign targets women who, occupied with their more and more demanding professional life, don’t have time to enjoy the little daily habits.

The TVC, filmed in warm and “creamy” tones, is capturing Italy’s spirit and brings how Alexandra Dinu, a woman juggling between her professional and family life, doesn’t forget to savor moments of enjoyment and live La Dolce Vita.

TVC’s direction is signed by Bogdan Barbulescu. The filming was done in a house in the old Jewish quarter in Bucharest. The image director was Jordi Rexach. Besides TV, La Festa campaign is also declined online and outdoor.

Centrade team working on the campaign included Gabriela Nanu (Client Service Director), Olga Ionescu (Account Director), Natalia Gross (PR Senior Account Manager), Florin Ionescu (Strategic Planner), Monica Garbur (Head of AVF Production Department), Dan Draghicescu (Senior TV Producer), Marius Tianu (Co-Creative Director), Laura Iane (Co-Creative Director), Cristina Soricel (Art Director), Razvan Lazareanu (Copywriter). La Festa was represented by Catalin Iagaru (Marketing Director). Castel Film managed the production, while Chainsaw Europe handled the post-production.