Romanian Publicis and Pastel, in campaign against illegal commerce with cigarettes


Romanian agencies Publicis Bucharest and Pastel launched a campaign against the illegal commerce with cigarettes. The campaign was initiated by Euromonitor Business Consulting Services, via a special website, and with support from JTI and in partnership with ANAF, Frontier Police from Timisoara and Timisoara Police. The campaign runs between March and June, in 15 counties close to Romanian vest, south-vest, north and north-east borders, the most affected by cigarettes illegal traffic.

Print Anticontrabanda

We launched the 4th public regional campaign, encouraged by the noticeable decrease of the black cigarettes market in the areas and periods when campaigns took place previously. The concept proposed by Publicised proved to be the most suited – easy to understand and, in the same time, impactfull (…)

Cristina Vasiloiu,

General Manager, Euromonitor Business Consulting Services.

Young and professional team from Publicis managed to understand the contraband phenomena, with all its consequences (…)

Gilda Lazar,

Director Corporate Affairs & Communications, JTI Romania, Moldova & Bulgaria.

To highlight the message, Publicis made a series of materials for outdoor, TVCs and radio ads. Also, on campaign’s website, the public can directly interact with the main character of the campaign, the dealer.

For execution, we chose a very direct approach, both in visuals and in the TVC, showing the 2 faces of the contraband cigarettes dealer, the poor and humble one versus the rich and arrogant one. We had a good casting, we didn’t need many doubles, the actor Vlad Oancea entered very well in the skin of both characters (…)

Bob Toma,

Group Creative Director, Publicis Romania.

Pastel manages the implementation of the campaign, using an elaborated communication mix and aiming to show people the reality of the illegal cigarettes trade.

As during the previous campaigns, the message will be distributed via innovative communication ways, aimed to generate an increased interaction. The message will be relayed to the consumers also through an extensive direct mail project.

This year, the campaign will also be present in social media, via Facebook and Youtube, but also via an online game (…) Also, we will develop an unique editorial project that will reach in the middle of the communities we are targeting. For campaign’s success, we must choose in a strategic manner a proper mix of communication channels, well selected, reported to a target public which is hard to reach. We think we managed to realize the mix and we are waiting for the final results, which should confirm we achieved our objectives

Ioana Mucenic,

managing partner & head of strategy Pastel.

The teams working on the campaign were:

  • Euromonitor Business Services Consulting: Cristina Vasiloiu – Director Euromonitor Business Services Consulting
  • Tania Roman- website administrator
  • JTI: Gilda Lazar – Corporate Affairs & Communications Director, JTI Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria; Armand Tanase – Corporate Affairs Manager; Alice Taudor – Communications Manager
  • Publicis Romania: Jorg Riommi- Chief Creative Officer, Bob Toma- Group Creative Director, Marius Tudor- Copywriter, George Lupeanu- Copywriter, Calin Ionescu- Copywriter, Dragos Ometita- Art Director, Alexandru Deaconu- Art Director, Raluca Iacob- Head of Stategy, Carina Toma- Strategic Planner, Razvan Mihai- Strategic Planner, Alexandra Murray- Client Service Director, Adina Albu- Account Director, Ana Chreih- Senior Account Manager, Amalia Cristea- Account Executive, Camelia Efrimov- AV producer, Liviu Efrimov- AV producer, Dragos Eustafievici- Media Account Manager, Elis Iaia- Digital Strategic Planner, Veronica Oancea – Digital Account Director, Victoria Sirbu – Digital Account Executive, Ciprian Frunzeanu – Senior Web designer, Constantin Bunica – Senior Programmer
  • Pastel: Paul Cotor – Creative Director, Ruxandra Margoi – Senior Account, Daniela Chirita – Account Executive, Claudia Popa – Senior Copywriter, Lucian Rosu – Art-Director, Ana Velea – Account,  Ioana Mucenic – Managing Partner&Head of Strategy