RTB House infographic: Car test results – top resources for car buyers

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Car test results available online represent a top source of information for customers looking to purchase a car, as typical car-buying decisions are made from the opinions of others, reviews and expert articles. According to recent findings from RTB House, tech company specialized in display advertising tailored to users’ interests, car test results about specific brand or model were key in the purchasing path for car buyers.

The study based on data collected for RTB House by IQS Group shows that the majority of potential car buyers – prior to a purchasing decision – browse through opinions posted on forums and in social media (85 pct.), analyse reviews (83 pct.), and read articles and test results (76 pct.). The first three sources of information are used more often by men and people under 25 years of age. Test results, however, are more frequently viewed by women and persons at the age of 35 and more.

It turns out that before making a car purchase decision, people often consume information from online forums or articles, but when it comes to the importance of sources, we value test results of the selected models the most. Independent content published in automotive industry portals in this form are highly rated by all segmented groups, including both genders. Knowledge that comes from the test-result touchpoint is appreciated especially by those aged 25-34.

As Daniel Surmacz, chief operating officer RTB House observes, regardless of their demographic characteristics, potential buyers actively seek the aid of independent information sources on their path to purchase. Recognizing the relevance of content and drawing the attention of Internet users to the specific materials will help the conscious advertisers take advantage of the content marketing revolution. As more and more marketers prefer solutions based on RTB technology which allow to effectively connect the users with tailored content pieces, the articles, reviews and test results of various types of equipment are bound to gain further popularity.

The findings in this research were taken from behaviours of internet users in Poland. The study was conducted in Fall 2014.

RTB House specializes in precisely targeted display advertising, with solutions to profile, target, and reach the most valuable e-shoppers. Its technology allows any online store, brand, or manufacturer to run, customized campaigns that deliver personalized messages to the customers – all in real-time.

Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, RTB House operates on 33 markets and is currently running nearly 650 advertising campaigns. For its clients buys 3,5 bn. views per month. The RTB team has been providing its services since 2012.

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