Advertising spending in Denmark – up 1.4% in 2014, to Kr.12.7BN

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After several years of decline in ad sales, Danish ad market posted a modest increase of 1.4% last year, according to an advertising expenditure survey published recently by Danske Medier.

Internet posted a 10.8% growth, followed by radio and cinemas (6.4% and 6.7%). On the other hand, internet’s share increased from 39% to 43%.

Danish print media saw a decrease of advertising budgets, with newspapers hit the hardest, after the advertising budgets dedicated to them decreased by 10.6%. The local weeklies lost 6.1% from their ad budgets, while magazines lost 2.4%. There is an exception within the print category and that is the niche of trade publications, that saw an increase of 3.4% for ad budgets.

TV is on the losers side too, with ad budgets decreased 3.6% compared to previous year.

The advertising expenditure survey was previously carried out by the Danish Audit Bureau of Circulation, but, after its closure, it was taken over by a new company, Danish Advertising Expenditure Survey founded by Danish Media Research and Creativity and Communication.