GfK Romania study: Clothes, cosmetics and electronics – stars of online shopping in Romania

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GfK Romania released the results of a study analyzing the main trends on Romanians’ online shopping habits. According to the study, men are more active when it comes of online shopping, with a third of those answering the study saying they acquired at least a product or service during the last year, compared to only 29% of women who did the same thing.

During the last year, only 31% of Romanians shopped online, with significant differences between buyers aged up to 45 y.o. and those aged 45+. Romanians aged up to 35 y.o. are also the most active when it comes of online shopping, buying more frequently online.

Clothes, cosmetics, IT products and services and electronics are the most bought goods online. Books and appliances are also present in the same top

Andreea Coca,

Digital Market Intelligence Consultant GfK Romania.

Tourism packages and home-delivery restaurants are also having good results, while ranking towards the end of the top are financial packages or current use products (food products like sugar, oil, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, home care products, cleaning powder or toilet paper).

Although a third of Romanians adopted online shopping, most prefer to place the order online and pay cash, offline. Usually, those buying online more often – around once a month – chose to pay online, while those buying rarely pay cash. Generally, over 90% Romanians buying online prefer to pay for the product with cash, when they are receiving their order.

The study was made by GfK Romania on a sample of 1,000 Romanian respondents aged over 15 y.o, through face to face interviews.