ROADS:7% increase for Romanian online ad market in 2014

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According to the most recent edition of ROADS, study made by IAB Romania and PwC Romania for the 8th year in a row, the online advertising market in Romania reached, in 2014, to €25.4M (RON 112.82M), up 7% compared to the previous year.

I think that, if to this natural growth of 7% in real terms, we add also the results of some future industry’ efforts, we might see, during the next 2 years, a double digits growth. To reach there, we aim to have a higher involvement in these kind of activities from as many actors on this market in Romania

Ionut Oprea,
President IAB Romania

The Romanian media market, in general, and particularly the segment of online advertising  continue to face different challenges. There is a potential to grow, as we are going through a period of acceleration for the economic growth, when players are fighting to  win market share, but innovation is needed at online publishers’ level in order to monetize the increased interest coming from advertisers. Also, there is room for improvement for online publishers’ business model and for optimization in the sales process. It is noticeable also the fact that, during the last two years, segments like mobile and video advertising started to expand, once with the accelerated development of the mobile internet and of the accentuated interconnection of intelligent devices. These are areas over which publishers must focus in order to create quality content and capitalize the market opportunities

Bogdan Belciu,

Partener, Management Consultancy Services, PwC Romania.

In both semesters of 2014, the display ad formats remained the most popular ones for online advertising, followed by content sponsorships.

Among the industries who led the top of online advertising investments in the second half of last year were telecom (leader on the market for the sixth year in a row), followed by drinks and online retail. Online retails climbs for the first time on the 3rd place in the top of online advertising consumption, surpassing auto, ranking third in the first half of last year.

2014 is the 8th year during which IAB Romania and PwC Romania make the ROADS study. The full report for the second semester of 2014 and for the entire last year will be available in June 2015.

ROADS (Romanian Online Advertising Study) is a reference study for the analysis of the sales made by Romanian online advertising industry and considers three main criteria: used ad formats, categories of advertisers using online advertising and specific months during each semester and year in order to determine seasonality.