Granini celebrates half century with hundreds of love stories

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The love stories from the last half of century will be in the center of Granini’s communication, with the app  “Love Moments” which was just launched by the brand.

After finding 1,000 way to love and enjoying the Bridge of Love during the previous years, people have the opportunity, in 2015, to declare their love stories in front of the entire  world, using the mentioned app.

Granini_50 de ani de iubire

For 50 years, all over the world, the fruits are loving Granini. And Granini is sharing this wonderful feeling with all its fans. It is the most suited way to celebrate, inviting consumers to celebrate their beautiful love stories

Georgiana Vasile

Brand Manager Granini

The app aims to create a love timeline through a photo project in which the users are invited to remember their individual love stories. Based on the stories entered in the app, Granini will generate the timeline of 50 years of love and a few important moments in Granini’s history. The project is made together with the photographer Marta Popescu, who will also help judging in order to offer prizes to the participants.

The prizes for those using the app and playing the love game are: 50 Granini 2-packs a week and 10 photo sessions made by Marta Popescu. The campaign already runs on TV since spring, and is also declined online and in print. The launch of the online app is in the center of campaign’s second wave.

Campaign credits:

  • Granini: Paul Markovits – Marketing Vicepresident, Georgiana Vasile – Granini Brand Manager, Cristina David – Marketing Services Manager, Georgiana Ionescu – Brand PR Coordinator.
  • Publicis Romania: Jorg Riommi – Chief Creative Officer, Bob Toma – Group Creative Director, Andreea Popa – Copywriter, Alex Deaconu and Donald Simionoiu – Art Directors, Calin Buzea – Head of Online, Veronica Oancea – Online Account Director, Codruta Arbore – Online Account Executive, Alecsandra Apostolescu – Head of Social Media, Cosmin Anghel – Digital Copywriter, Ciprian Frunzeanu – Digital Art Director, Constantin Bunica – Web Developer, Raluca Iacob – Head of Strategy , Ana Maria Olaru – Strategic Planner, Catalin Albu – Client Service Director, Luiza Vrinceanu and Gabriel Macovei – Account Managers, Victor Maier – Account Executive, Andreea Grigorean – PR Officer.