pastel and CPE organized the Workplace Diversity Caravan in Romania

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pastel, the integrated communications agency, organised, between May and July 2015, a caravan which aimed to raise awareness about discrimination in the workplace. The caravan was part of “We too have the right to work!”, a project initiated by CPE – Centre for Partnership and Equality. pastel has also managed the media promotion for the events, as well as the production for the visuals. The main objective of the series of events was to bring the issue of workplace discrimination to the attention of employees and employers alike, as well as offer tools to better handle it in the future.

The topic of the campaign is fairly sensitive for both employers and employees. As highlighted by a study conducted by INSOMAR/CNSC, over 25% of the respondents would prefer not having to share the workplace with a member of the rroma community. However, the biggest differences in employment are found in the category of the disabled people: in the EU, 1 in 2 people are currently employed, while in Romania the average is 1 in 25.

pastel organized nine workshops on the subject of diversity in the South-Muntenia region. Three of the workshops have taken place in Ilfov County and one in each of the following counties: Argeș, Călărași, Giurgiu, Prahova, Teleorman. pastel worked with the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in addition with the Chambers of Commerce from the abovementioned counties, as well as the National Association of Recruiters. The campaign ended with a speech held at the Forum for employment law, where CPE was able to attend and convey its message to the biggest influencers.

We are very glad to have had the opportunity to be part of this project with pastel and CPE in raising awareness on this sensitive subject. It’s very important to align ourselves with CPE and other state institutions in order to solve the issue affecting this segment of the population. I believe this project could bring us closer to our statute of a member state of the EU

Cristina Trofin,

Chief Bureau of European Projects, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

The main objective of the caravan was to aid employers in understanding the issue of workplace discrimination and how to adopt better practices, thus making it an opportunity to develop their businesses. The participants consisted mainly in HR specialists and managers. They were given the opportunity to acknowledge the difficulties people from vulnerable categories have to endure in order to be accepted and integrate themselves in the workforce. The attendees were moved by what they learned and showed positive feedback. They also showed willingness to change this situation and look for the advantages which could be brought in their businesses by the people in this category. The discussions were based both on statistics and studies, as well as personal stories and experiences.

This project means a lot to pastel (…) We took it as a challenge, as it is with any project based on changing perceptions, and we were very glad to be a part of CPE’s mission to raise awareness. There is, still, a lot of work to be done before we surpass the hesitation towards this topic, but we are slowly laying down the base for change

Dana Nae-Popa,

managing partner pastel


The events were held by Iulia Halangescu și Ioana Vlad, Personal development mentors. The CPE team has 14 years of experience in gender equality and diversity management, working with companies, syndicates employers, public institutions, schools and nongovernmental organisations.


Campaign credits


  • Dana Nae Popa, realistic managing partner and business developer
  • Daniela Chiriță, dedicated account
  • Ema Barbă, enthusiastic PR executive
  • Andrei Stetcu, mindful executive graphic designer
  • Florin Dobre, skilled  video coordinator
  • Ioana Bițin, idealistic senior graphic designer
  • Anda Safta, perfectionist executive graphic designer
  • Ana-Maria Malîia, new account trainee
  • Andrei Obogeanu, inquisitive pr trainee
  • Alexandra Tîrțîrău, jolly account trainee

CPE – Center for Partnership and Equality:

  • Dana Marțiș – Gender Specialist
  • Iulia Hălăngescu – Personal development mentor
  • Ioana Vlad – Personal development mentor

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