mediaTrust: Blue Air – most visible airline in Romanian advertising in 2015

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Blue Air is the airline with the highest visibility in a top of most advertised airlines in Romanian media compiled by mediaTrust (covering January 1st – July 31st and based on the analysis of 886 ads within the category). Blue Air is on the first place after airing 721 commercial with an estimated rate card value of €240.334, seconded by Qatar Airways (69 commercials with a rate card of €11.640) and Wizz Air (41 ads with a rate card value of €39.635).

Romanian airline Tarom is in the top (34 ads valued at €27.916), followed by LOT Polish Airlines (5 ads valued at €6.476). The top also includes FlyDubai (3 ads valued at €15.525) and Lufthansa (2 ads with a rate card value of €7.063.

From the total of 886 ads promoting airlines during the analyzed period, 779 were broadcasted on radio, 32 on TV and 75 appeared in print.

Blue Air’s commercials were mainly broadcasted on radio (684), TV (32) and just a few appeared in print (5). Qatar Airways also opted for radio, where 69 ads were broadcasted. Wizz Air had 15 print ads and 26 radio ones, while Tarom had 34 printed ads, LOT Polish Airlines – 5 in print, FlyDubai – 3 and Lufthansa – 2.

The media outlets with the most ads broadcasted / printed are Rock FM (231 radio commercials), Romania TV  (27 ads), Bursa (10 printed ads).

The analysis was made after monitoring 7.812 ads broadcasted within transport category in the mentioned period by 20 TVs, 12 radios and 200 central publications.

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