The Alternative School announces a new formula for the Eurobest Semester


Ten years after the first edition of The Alternative School, the most awarded study platform for creative thinking in Easter Europe is changing the rules.

The students will begin by solving the briefs first, giving the tutors a change to customize and focus their courses on very specific problems that the participants may encounter. The courses will follow the same disciplines and trends in creative thinking which apply to the communication industry, the difference being in the focus of the tutors in the teaching process: from industry needs to particular, individual ones.

The list of tutors for the 2015 Eurobest semester includes: Mihai Gongu, Ioana Halunga, Carmen Coca Dobrescu, Cristian Costea, Alex Strambeanu, Alex Haidamac, Mihai Fetcu, Olga Abramescu, Sonal Dabral, Alvin Teoh – all having been awarded international creativity prizes, including in Cannes.

The Semester will consist of 14 course hours, evaluations and many more hours of individual study. The meeting will be held on Saturdays and Thursdays, in October, at Digital Star.

In order to apply for one of the 5 bursaries at the Eurobest Semester, the applicants need to solve the following brief:

Propose an idea for an integrated campaign to encourage Romanians to intelligently access unexpected tourist experiences, but not necessarily costly ones (on the principle „Value for Money”). Educate them that experiences are more important than objects. In the proposed solutions, lobby, creative PR and digital creativity elements should have dominance. The brand that endorses the campaign: an international card generator.

The solutions should be presented on a presentation board, Cannes Lions style (Problem / Insight / Solution). Explain the strategy and mechanism of the campaign (max. 250 words), plus 3 complementary visuals that illustrate the idea (optional).

The files will be uploaded on the applicants’ personal Facebook profiles, in a folder named The Alternative Idea. The links need to be sent, before the 25th of September,  to

For those not applying for a bursary, the semester fee is 120 Euros when applying within a team of two and 150 Euros individually.

The first 10 qualified in the brief competition will be granted free access at the Cannes for Clients event (1st of October, Radisson Blu Hotel). Everyone enrolled in the Eurobest Semester is eligible for a 50% discount at the same event.

Just as in every year, the winners of the Semester’s competition will take part in Eurobest, the festival dedicated to European creativity, which will take place in Antwerp, Belgium, at the beginning of December.