Leo Burnett Group Romania wins account for Telekom’s Prepaid service

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Leo Burnett Group Romania has won the account for Telekom’s Prepaid service. The agency is re-defining the dialogue with young consumers through the Tadaaam Show, starring Romania’s number one vlogger, Mikey H.

The target segment of the new campaign for Telekom’s Prepaid account is very young: 12-24, a group that is almost impossible to attract through television and traditional advertising. Leo Burnett Romania is therefore focusing its campaign on the online medium of vlogging, a highly popular platform among young people.

Leo Burnett selected this new medium for its communication with young online users, who are always up to date with new trends, and who have been known to change their favorite brands overnight. To this end, the agency created the Tadaaam Show, starring Romania’s number one vlogger, Mikey H and the bipolar panda, Pandalie. Tadaaam Show is an online platform that makes real-life events go viral, building a bridge between the virtual universe of memes and the real world of Telekom users.

This new celebrity pair – Pandalie and Mikey H – can transform any everyday moment into an experience that is worth sharing. Pandalie is Mikey’s opposite; if Mikey speaks, Pandalie remains silent. If Mikey is presenting viral videos on the internet, Pandalie is in the field creating them. Pandalie embodies the saying: “Life is the best viral video”, because wherever you see Pandalie, you may expect something viral to result, that will eventually appear in your newsfeed.

“Life is the best viral video” takes Telekom’s philosophy (“Life is for sharing”) further in the language of young people, reaching them with what they respond to: fresh and modern content, not traditional advertising.

A young target group is almost impossible to reach through television. It is not the gross rating point that reaches them for you, but experiences and content that are worth sharing. Vlogging is the new black. So obviously, this was the right step for Telekom to take. VTV is taking over MTV.

Razvan Capanescu,

Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Romania

From a classic ATL with a digital touch, Telekom’s Prepaid service is transforming itself into a digital platform with Tadaaam Show at the helm. In making this change, we have reinvented the dialogue of the telecommunications sector with young consumers. This medium is a content creator that has never been seen before in the sector.

Victor Stroe,

Strategic Planning Director, Leo Burnett Romania

The weekly show is hosted by Mikey H, an opinion leader who is highly appreciated by the new generation, and Pandalie, the ubiquitous bipolar panda bear who is always ready to transform any everyday activity into a viral video.

The purpose of Mikey H and Pandalie is to bring viral videos into the lives of users, either through Tadaaam Show, or through the adventures they plan for their fans. As a result, Telekom’s Prepaid service has become the instrument that facilitates the sharing of all these experiences.

Let’s face it: few companies have the courage to leave their comfort zone and invent something. Tadaaam is exactly that: a new, lively, 100% digital product, that we watch and update all the time. It’s not just a hit-and-run campaign of “let’s make a viral video”; it’s a project based on content that is constantly evolving. I wish more clients had the courage to start something like this.

Matei Psatta,

Digital Strategy & Social Media Director, Leo Burnett Romania


Telekom is mostly about evolution and innovation and we want to reflect these assets into our brand communication strategy also. That is why we embraced the idea of Tadaaam and saw great potential in it. It is a very generous platform from the communication point of view, on which we can build on relevant content for our key target

Todor Dimitrovski,

Communications and Brand Strategy Director – Telekom Romania