[Updated] Possible Games launched Tap Company, allowing users to build their own casinos

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[adds info on game’s launch at international level]

Possible Games launched Tap Company, a game betting on players’ sense of humor and on their curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit.


The game challenges players to become the owner of a small Miami start-up, after they prove they are good with business administration and make profit. Soon after, they start making so much money that they can afford to open their own casino.


Our purpose is to create and produce games for mobiles and tablets, games with an impressive design and a beautiful story behind. We want to differentiate fast from the competition via courage and creativity. Tap Company is no exception from this rule and we are anxious to see how it will be received on the local market

Stefan Iarca,

Country Manager Possible Romania.


Tap Company is available for free in GooglePlay  and, mid-November, it will be available also in AppStore.



[update Dec. 15th] After the initial launch in Romania, Hungary and Canada, Possible made the game available at international level, both for Android and iOS.

Possible Games is part of Possible CEE, known for games and aps like Small & Furious, The End App, Die Hard Game or Totoya Creatures.