Starcom Romania launched Consumer Report 2015

Consumption Habits, Marketing, Studies

Starcom Mediavest Romania launched the 2nd edition of the annual Consumer Report. The report includes relevant info on Romanian consumers, depending the stage of life they are in: Teens (adolescents aged 14-17), Single Youth (young people aged 18-34, not married and without children), Families with kids (families with kids of up to 14 years old), Families without kids (couples aged over 45 that don’t have children living with them any longer).

Consumer Segments

Considering the trends noticed during the current year and confirming them with the trends foreseen for 2016, Consumer Report aims to facilitate a better understanding of the public when it comes of Technology & Web Usage, Entertainment, Brands & Shopping and Trends in action. The report also includes also a section dedicated to case studies, illustrating how those info on consumers can be used in integrated communication campaigns.

Consumer Report 2015 is the second edition of the study on consumers’ habits launched by Starcom Mediavest Group. The study brings together data from SNA Focus (BRAT’s national audience study), monitoring studiees of the media habits, own research and data provided by collaborators like  Ivox or Google.consumer report 2015

Besides this report, the agency is launching on monthly basis the  HumanGraphExperience infographics, aiming to offer this way constant and relevant info on the dynamics of the consumer-brand relationship and its impact over brands’ conduit on the market.