Simona Costea took over as Client Service Director @ Geometry Global Bucharest

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Geometry Global Bucharest has, starting February, a new Client Service Director, Simona Costea. Simona has 15 years of experience in advertising and marketing. Since 2008, she was Client Service Director at Grafitti BBDO Romania and, starting 2012, she added to her portfolio expertise in digital, strategy, campaign management, online advertising, data analysis and measurement. During her career, Simona Costea added to her professional portfolio 8 efficiency awards.

Mircea Pascu
Mircea Pascu, Managing Director Geometry Global Bucharest

Mircea Pascu, Managing Director, about the change in Geometry’s board:

The agency is in a continuous transformation. Not only we want to make more and more digital, but the capacity to adapt to the actual trends is an extremely important factor. From here, the need to have a Client Service Director that understands and manages what means a team and a business connected to all that’s new. I fully trust that Simona will have a notable contribution and will consolidate a team which already achieved an impressive success during last year

Simona Costea, Client Service Director Geometry Global Bucharest
Simona Costea, Client Service Director Geometry Global Bucharest

Curious and with a passion for anything tech-related, Simona said, about her joining the agency:

I come after 4 years of e-commerce entrepreneurship and management of a digital marketing agency, my mind is wired to the max. During the accommodation period within the agency and reactivation of the networking from the advertising years, I see a big disproportion between the sizing of the budgets that are going towards online and how much interest is shown by traditional agencies in attracting and retaining digital talents. For the start, my plan is to set a knowledge standard for everyone in Client Service and to increase the expertise starting from agency’s digital specialist, whose passion I share

Previous to the entrepreneurship period, Simona headed the Client Service Department from Graffiti BBDO Romania, where she handled the portfolios for 19 clients with over 50 active brands in categories like auto, insurance or retail. In 2012, Simona dedicated herself to online and to her own business. She has a licence in Philosophy at Bucharest University. Previous to joining the ad industry, she worked in media, as news redactor for printed press.


Starting February, Simona Costea coordinates Geometry’s Client Service Department (with the exception of British American Tobacco division) –  areas such are ATL, Digital, Shopper Marketing and PR. The active accounts of the department include clients like Heineken (Golden Brau), Opel, VISA, GlaxoSmithKline, Romanian Football Federation, Procter & Gamble, OMRON, Coca Cola, GoodMills, Tchibo Brands, Ponderas Hospital, Topanel, Kober, eMag.

Geometry Global Bucharest has, at this point, 120 employees and 7 departments, with most recent launched ones being CRM and PR.