Mugur Patrascu launched Screen Native, a new model of advertising agency in Romania

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Mugur Patrascu announced the launch of Screen Native, a new model of advertising agency “digital at the core”. Patrascu launches the new project, unique on Romanian market, having behind a career of 16 years in the communication industry, from which 13 dedicated to digital.

The new project brings a different and fresh approach for the relation between brand and consumer in the era of digital communication. Screen Native is a full service, digital at the core, agency with possibilities to express determined by a new type of consumer, with real and relevant solutions for clients.

After working for clients like Telekom, Avon, Dacia, Samsung, Bergenbier, Petrom, Orange, Vodafone, BAT, P&G, BRD, Mugur launches Screen Native as a solution dedicated fully to the new communication reality.

The new agency will function both as strategy and integrated communication solutions provider and dealer for content solutions from multiple sources available on the market.  A “one stop agency”, Screen Native  has access to a large area of expertise, from strategy, creative, consultancy, content and implementation.


We are building strategies and deliver customized, on all screens. We are finding the people we need and we are building a story that flows naturally on all screens in our life

Mugur Patrascu

Founder Screen Native

In a context when everything around is changing, from people to relations and the role of the brand within the community, communication must adapt to market’s needs and Screen Native is a new proposition, fresh and progressive, it means strategy, relevancy and integration.


Advertising isn’t functioning on terms of classic and digital or campaigns, in classical advertising plus some digital topping or any other combinations or funny hybrids we can see out today in the city. I believe that, in 2016, advertising must be a whole, digital at the core, with ways of expression on all screens. The team must be just one, but with another dynamic and way of relating, with other resorts. The digital doesn’t exist as a separate discipline, the communication must get rid of the schizophrenia from the last decade

Mugur Patrascu

In 2006, Mugur founded the digital agency iLeo (biggest digital agency in Romania in terms of turnover for three years in the row and one of the top 3 digital agencies in terms of strategy and creative during the last 8 years). In 2014, he sold his participation within iLeo to the Leo Burnett Romania Group and tool over as Digital Director within Leo Burnett Group. Two years after the transaction, he chose to set up the basis for a small team, as alternative to the standardized procedures used by big communication groups.

I consider that, at this moment, small agencies have a solid advantage, as the percentage of specialists in a team that determine the product is considerable higher compared to big groups, where the process takes place amorphously and inflexible. I’ve decided to approach things with courage and to reinvent the communication agency. Today, in the city, there are 20 people who, individually, can cope with any big agency, in any pitch, on any stake. The individual value, seasoned with a small and flexible team, will be many times in the future the solution on this market.

Screen Native is a philosophy, a reality and a bigger and bigger group among consumers. The integration, the success, the actuality of the communication resume in the way we manage to activate the screens in the life of our public. We believe the philosophy of future’s advertising starts and returns to the screens we are spending more than half of life on and which we are experiencing more and more often, as the screens are the first interface in the relation with the world (…)

Mugur Patrascu  

Patrascu has 16 years of experience in communication, period during which he implemented over 300 campaigns for more than 130 brands and won over 50 local and international awards.