Avandor: Brands can now work together for better results in digital

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Avandor Consumer Profiling created for the clients of its Data Management platform a new functionality which allows brands and publishers to share selectively the access to their own data from the platform so they can be used for analytics and real time targeting.
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Using Avandor’s platform, brands from different sectors can create partnerships through which each has access to reports intersected on other’s audiences and also have available new targeting possibilities. The access to functionalities divided on 2nd-party data is free for all Avandor clients, and is included in the standard package.

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Most times, the data needed by a brand come from other sectors. For example, if a bank wants to communicate a new product towards parents, it might make a partnership with publishers or brands specialized in parenting through which the bank can access automatically insights on their audiences. Moreover, data can be used also for targeting directly from the platform

Iulia Mosoiu,

Head of Business Development Avandor

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The first digital projects that benefited by the new functionalities offered by Avandor platform were made for brands from banking, telecom, travel, retail and auto from the portfolio of multiple agencies like Aegis/Dentsu, iCrossing, GreenPixel, JWT, Havas and OMD.

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During all those projects, the correct usage of data generated a medium increase of click and engagement rates of 38%, reaching, in some cases, even to a 10 times increase compared to traditional campaigns, without data.

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Avandor is based on a Data Management Platform (DMP) central system, which collects and processes all interactions between consumers and brands. Added to the platform were different functionalities through which info can be used for analysis, reporting, real time customization and even media buying for specific audiences.

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Avandor is a tech start-up for digital marketing, offering to its clients a complete platform which allows collecting data in its own Data Management Platform, understanding users via Audience Analytics and using all data in targeting campaigns or customization for websites and messages. The company has its headquarters in UK and operations in 6 markets from Europe and North and South America.