Jazz reiterates Hippocrates’ Vow in a campaign for MedLife

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Romanian Jazz reiterated Hippocrates’ Vow in a new campaign for MedLife.

The idea came from strategy. The creation not only approved it, but embraced it dearly. We felt the emotion, the strengt of the idea. Hippocrates’ Vow, as simple as it is, but also very profound, clear and sincere. Yes, it is a vow all doctors in the world take, but MedLife reminds Romanians about it through its doctors. It reminds Romanians why doctors and medicine deserve our trust and respect

Andreea Ghenoiu,

Group Creative Director Jazz


Before being a health company, MedLife is a team of doctors who took an oath to do their job for the good of the people. The campaign is a manifesto we want to remind Romanians that, in Romania, quality medicine is being made and to increase their trust in our doctors. At MedLife, people’s health is in the center of our preoccupations

Simona Iliescu,

Marketing Director, MedLife

Campaign credits:

MedLife: Simona Iliescu – Marketing Manager, Oana Safta – Marketing Specialist, Diana Grosu – Marketing Specialist, Mihai and Nicolae Marcu – founders MedLife

Jazz: Valentin Suciu – Creative Partner, Irina Pencea – Managing Partner & Strategy, Andreea Ghenoiu – Group Creative Director, Raluca Matei – Senior Art Director, Georgiana Rotaru – Account Manager, Marina Perta – Account Executive.