Phoenix Media launches SETI, the first measurement and planning tool in digital OOH

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Phoenix Media, the leader of the outdoor digital market, continues it series of innovation in terms of OOH and launches the first planning programmatic app. SETI (Integrated Traffic Extended System). SETI is the result of an ample study conducted along with D&D Research and that has set as a goal to identify the demographic profile of the people passing along the 43 transit locations in Bucharest.

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SETI is the first measurement and planning tool in digital OOH, at this unique moment in the Romanian market. We wished to offer our clients a customized outdoor targeting and I believe we succeeded in doing that. For the first time in Romania we have an instrument that can offer us a demographic profile, on hours, for OOH. We have installed cameras on all our screens and with the help of a perimeter measurement soft we quantify the registered traffic in the locations where we are present with TV screens,” said Dio Boaca, general director of Phoenix Media.

On the 30 screens owned by Phoenix Media have been installed one, two or three cameras that are recording and counting in real time. The SETI application counts only the people for whom there is a high probability to see the screened spot on the TV screen, 90 percent -100 percent. Depending on the direction of movement they are counted the ones that are heading directly towards the screen. At the same time, for every Bucharest location, Phoenix Media knows exactly which type of target they are addressing and which is the possibility that the target audience would see the spot on the screens. In creating a research as correct as possible there were used relevant parameters such as sex, age, education, occupation, income, home address, work address, road to job, road to home.

Never in the history of the Capital has been created such a complex traffic study. We took in account three different times of the day and we’ve interviewed both pedestrians and drivers, in total being 30.000 questionnaires. Of the level of Bucharest this is a big number, therefore the study’s risen relevance. The gathered data succeeded, among other aspects, to discourage some false perceptions. For example, the biggest traffic in Bucharest is recorded in the Tineretului intersection (3.312.411 general impression in Decembrie 2015); Piata Universitatii (The University Square) is presented in top 10 most transited location due to the fact that the pedestrians preponderantly use the pedestian passage and are not quantified by the cameras; the Pipera aria has a profile formed of : 70 percent men, with age between 20 and 49, with socio-economical level ABC, and the Piata Domenii (Domenii Market) and Mircea Voda are transited by people with medium through high income,” explained Dan Petre, managing partner at D&D Research.

The SETI application is user friendly and allows the clients to have real time access to the status of the campaign they are running. At just a click away, at the website, they can verify the performance of the set campaign and can modify, at any moment the selected criteria.

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Phoenix Media was born in 2003, entering in the OOH market with the ambition and desire to revolutionize the industry through vision and long term thinking. Since 2005, the company has offered the market many premieres and is, at this moment, the only one that offers personalized targeting. At the same time, Phoenix Media introduced in Romania the first outdoor promotional system on time frames, as well as real time transmission of messages from the mobile phone to the digital screens.