M&C Saatchi Stockholm create a space adventure with Com Hem

Ads, Creativity

M&C Saatchi Stockholm has created an unearthly new campaign for Com Hem, Sweden’s leading provider of TV and superfast broadband, after being appointed the lead agency for the brand earlier this year.

Com Hem (which translates as ‘Come Home’ in Swedish) has a superior product offering: Sweden’s fastest broadband and the country’s widest range of TV and Play services. To reflect this, M&C Saatchi Stockholm developed the concept “Come Home to more powerful entertainment.”

Astronaut and butterfly

“Astronaut” is the first execution in a forthcoming series. The ad sees a young girl fulfilling her dreams of living as an astronaut. It is ultimately revealed that she is using a tablet in her home to experience space, powered by Com Hem’s leading entertainment products and services.

The strong imagery in the ad is accompanied perfectly by the late Lou Reed’s ‘Satellite of Love’, which compliments the heart-warming theme displayed throughout.

The series will run across social, digital, out of home, cinema, TV, print and events throughout May 2016.   


Linda Elers, Senior Copywriter and Partner at M&C Saatchi Stockholm: 

The best entertainment is entertainment you can feel, experience and be part of. So that you lose sense of space, time, everything – because you’re there. Even if ‘there’ is a million miles (or light years) from here. This led us to the concept “Come Home to more powerful Entertainment”.

Jonas Lundquist, Chief Marketing Officer at Com Hem:

Com Hem has dedicated the past two years to investing heavily in our network, services and customer care. As a result we can now lay claim to high quality products and a truly modern outlook. It’s time our brand truly reflects this hard work and investment


  • Agency: M&C Saatchi Stockholm
  • Agency contact: Linda Elers, Senior Copywriter and Partner
  • Client name: Jonas Lundquist (CMO) & Åke Balfors (Head of Advertising)
  • Production Company: Acne
  • Director: Tobias Granström
  • Design: Dallas Stockholm
  • Music: Lou Reed