Scroll to keep your pizza hot – welcome Scrollnita, from Pizza Hut and Golin Romania

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To decrease mobile usage during meals, Pizza Hut and Golin invented “scrollnita”, an innovative device aimed to maintain a pizza warm with the energy accumulated from a scroll movement on a touchscreen. This way, instead of focusing on smartphones, Romanians who eat at Pizza Hut are helped to scroll for an useful purpose, while maintaining conversations with friends.

Food became too functional, we forget to appreciate the simple meals in the city. And the addiction to mobile is one of those causes. Our partner Golin helped to introduce this invention that treats mobile addiction in a fun manner – one can continue to scroll even during the meal, not to check novelties on the phone, but in order to maintain the pizza warm while having a pleasant conversation and pleasant moments with friends

Monica Eftimie,

Chief Marketing Officer Pizza Hut.

Irina Roncea, Director, Golin

As the smartphones became almost an extension of us, the scroll on its screen became a reflex. That is why we aimed to find a solution to use this gesture and offer it a new signification which not only helps us to enjoy pizza even more, but also stimulates us to socialize with the other people at the same table. The note of humor embedded in this concept is consolidated by the name of the device, scrollnita, an adaptation of this activity that many smartphone users are addicted to

Irina Roncea,

Director Corporate Division Golin.

The device known under the name of “Scrollnita” consists of 2 components: the oven the pizza will sit on and the scrolling touchscreen device that has an electronic device embedded which allows the oven to warm up while the user scrolls. By repeating the move, the oven can get up to over 60 Celsius degrees warm.


The prototype of the device is available in Pizza Hut Dorobanti in Bucharest and can be ordered at the table by those who take Pizza Hut’s scrolling challenge.


  • Pizza Hut: Monica Eftimie (Chief Marketing Officer), Cristina Porumbel (Senior Brand Manager), Ana Cucuta (Brand Manager) and Claudia Porojan (PR Manager)
  • Golin Romania: Irina Roncea – Director, Corporate Division, Alina Stefan – Manager, Corporate Division, Georgiana Stan – Senior Events Associate, Florentina Grosu – Media Associate, Raluca Duta – Chief of Bridge, Catalina Soare – Digital Manager, Gabriela Bumb – Junior Digital Associate; creative team included Valentin Lica – Senior Copywriter MullenLowe and Robert Soparlache – Senior Art Director MullenLowe.