Herezie launches the first campaign for Dylon Dyes (Henkel) in Germany

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After winning a leading position in Europe, Dylon Dyes of London, a famous brand specializing in dyes, now enters the German market with a dedicated campaign created by Herezie.

The agency relied on the fashion positioning of the brand to create a surprising and humorous campaign while conveying the brand promise in a very simple and visual way.

Capture dog 4

In the campaign, the recognition is given to one of the most popular emblems in the UK, the famous English bulldog. It illustrates on its own and in a completely funny way the benefit of easily reviving the colours of his favourite garments.

The Dylon Dogs campaign was especially created for digital media, in addition to a TV campaign.

 capture dog1


Brand : Dylon Dyes (Henkel)

Title : campagne « Dylon Dogs »

Air date : February 2016 in Germany

Client : Henkel

  • Client responsible : Daniele Paoli, Jarmila Gogalova

Agency : Herezie

  • Executive creative director : Andrea Stillacci
  • General manager in charge of strategy : Luc Wise
  • Artistic director : Sonia Presne
  • Copy writters : Joseph Dubruque et Axel Didon
  • Business Director : Julia Nguyen
  • Account executive : Anaïs Courbez
  • TV Producer : Barbara Vaira

Production : Markenfilm GmbH & Co KG

  • Director : Luzian Schlatter
  • Producer : Sandra Garsztecki
  • Production director : Nicklas Krüger
  • DOP : Pascal Walder

Sound production : Diner au Motel

  • Composer : Eraldo Bernocchi/Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari

Herezie is an independent and multidisciplinary agency, which was created in June 2010 by Andrea Stillacci, Luc Wise and Pierre Callegari. The Paris based agency is working for more than 50 clients including international accounts such as Essilor, Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company.

With the acquisition of  Vaudoo (shopper marketing & event agency) led by Patrick Gendry and 5eme Gauche (digital pure player agency) led by Thomas Couteau and Edouard de Pouzilhac, Herezie becomes a group, always independent. It stands among the three largest French integrated communications groups with 17 € million of gross margin and about 130 employees.