Romanian Football Federation and Geometry Global „Transform the Alley into a Stadium”

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Geometry Global creates for the Romanian Football Federation the presentation movie of the „Transform the Alley into a Stadium” project, 4 minutes filled with the excitement of passion for football. This is part of the program Together We Are Football, dedicated to promoting grassroots football. The FRF project, dedicated to finding new talents among children of primary school from the rural areas, took place in September 2015-April 2016 in 21 counties from Romania, involving Romanian Football Federation’s regional scouters.  Over 1000 primary school students from more than 120 educational facilities were part of the pilot stage of the program. The lead character of the movie is the little footballer Ionel Băzoiu (10 years old), one of the three winners of the program, who accompanied the FRF delegation at the European Football Championship in France.

The 4 minute movie illustrates Ionel’s journey and the difficulties he overcomes through his talent and determination. ”The Alley” brings into attention the phases many football stars can relate to: the desire for self-improvement, combining school activities with sports, their parents’ lack of financial possibilities and long hours of training on the alley with playmates. Ionel’s life appears to revolve around football. The little footballer gives up the small pleasures of childhood to buy himself a football, he watches with interest the matches of his favorite players and practices his talent dribbling the ball after classes.

Noticed and encouraged by his scouter, Ionel got into the final phase of the programme „Transform the Alley into a Stadium”, at Cluj-Napoca, where he took part in a competition dedicated to the most talented students from the 7 football regions of the country. A jury made of Aurel Țicleanu, Miodrag Belodedici and Jean Vlădoiu chose 3 winners, who accompanied the FRF delegation at the Romania-Switzerland match on 15th June.

Launched September 2015, the „Together We Are Football” project represents a premiere in the Romanian education and sports, aiming for active involvement in Romanians’ healthy development through football, the development of children and youngsters in the values of this sport and growing the number of football practitioners in Romania. Starting with 2015, the first 4 programs were started: “The National Olympiad of Scholar Sport-Football” and “The Gymnasium’s Olympiad-Football”, “Transform the alley into a stadium”, “Unified in 7”, “The Universities’ Football Championship”. The next stage of the program will take place starting with September 2016 and more information will be published on the dedicated platform

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