MoneyGram launched a campaign for Romania focused on “dor”

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MoneyGram Romania launched a new promotional campaign in Romania, aiming to promote the effort and deserves of those working abroad and of the families who wait for them at home. The creative engine of the campaign that takes place all over Europe is the concept of “dor”, Romanian word that cannot be translated and illustrates the desire to be close to the loved ones.


It is more then a word. Dor brings emotions and memories from home, from childhood, from close to the family and the loved ones (…) MoneyGram activity is translated via connecting families and friends that are far from home and supports with pride this important part of Romanian culture and traditions via Dor campaign

Pete Ohser,

Chief Revenue Officer for Europe and America



Romania is one of the key markets in Europe for MoneyGram. To face the increased demand for the money transfer, we expanded the agents network to 3,500 locations from all over the country and we opened a new office downtown Bucharest (…) As part of the money transfer facilitating process in behalf of our clients, we launched, in 2016, the cash-to-mobile and cash-to-account services, in collaboration with Earthport – our partner who offer transborder payment services for banks. Now, Romanians can transfer money directly in the mobile wallet or in any banking account in the local currency

Radu Pojoga,

MoneyGram Regional Director for Romania and Balkans

moneygram-dorToday we launch the We know what Dor is campaign in six countries – Romania, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain (…) The campaign will be visible on the main media channels, including TV, radio, print, outdoor and digital channels, but also in many locations of our agents, MoneyGram partners

Nicoleta Visan,

Senior Marketing Manager for Romania