Explore the world with Orange, a new campaign signed by Publicis Romania

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Orange Romania announced the launch of Orange Home, complete services package, with a campaign signed by Publicis Romania. The “Your house offers you new experiences” concept highlights perfectly the advantages of the users, which will earn more comfort and free time through a single provider for all telecom services.


When the visual correctly transmits the marketing offer, tells a story, raise some curiosity, shows somehow different from the big mass of the visual communication materials and inspires anyone’s imagination, we can talk of a successful ad, I believe. We launched a new Orange service, a spectacular one considering the offered benefits, in a manner that does it justice. The high-speed trains, the rocket and submarine are from the start associated with speed and adventure. As long as they look different though, the mentioned ad series sends the idea of super-mobility in a fixed environment, the one inside the home. In other words, it is more comfortable then ever to live new experiences

Silviu Nedelschi,

Group Creative Director Publicis Romania


The campaign started from the idea that tech must enrich people’s life. The visuals were made together with MacriStudio and Carioca, and combined efforts from several production departments: characters’ casting, photo, 3D modelling, photo retouch. The production process lasted several months.

Campaign’s TVC was filmed with tech specially imported for the project – a full motion-control device – and every room from the TVC was built from scratch.



  • Publicis Romania: Daniel Raicea – Head of Orange DPT, Alina Vija – Account Manager, Jorg Riommi – Chief Creative Officer, Silviu Nedelschi – Group Creative, Cezar Panait – Senior Copywriter, Cristian Anton – Senior Art Director, Mihai Tigleanu – Art Director, Stefan Manole – Art Director, Camelia Efrimov – AV Director, Production House – Abis Studio, OOH – MacriStudio & Carioca.
  • Orange Romania: Mirela Bosoi – Head of Brand and Communication, Crina Tenovici – Head of Data & B2B Communication, Anca Stancov – Head of Media, Camelia Ianculescu – Head of Retail Communications, Nicoleta Stanciu- Communication Specialist, Mihai Dobre – Media Specialist.