RTB House on rocking out Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads

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As the highly competitive shopping weekend approaches, online merchants look to stand out during the shopping rush. Black Friday traditions in the US have expanded internationally, creating huge opportunities for retailers to boost sales figures and engage customers before the Christmas season. RTB House analyzed hundreds of campaigns in almost 40 markets to determine what kind of conversion growth advertisers can expect during the consumer surge.

The potential of Black Friday conversions is huge – very often even greater than those before Christmas. This is likely because “deals” are more abundant when everything from electronics, furniture and fashion merchants provide extreme price cuts.


RTB House analyzed hundreds of selected advertising campaigns run for clients on almost 40 markets and found that campaigns performed almost 70% better in Black Friday and nearly 30% in Cyber Monday in comparison to the average result for November 2015. According to data aggregated from personalized retargeting tools developed by the company, the total traffic on the websites was also more than 30% higher on Black Friday and 20% on Cyber Monday.

Black Friday is not about a single day, but rather the four-day weekend and generating momentum. Apart from obvious sales reasons, it’s an opportunity to create interest that influences future customer engagement. By providing the best online deals when consumers are actively seeking them, merchants can more easily achieve brand recognition, holiday sales and return customers. Going a step further by tailoring ads to individual users during this weekend is one of the most powerful tools to encourage purchases from the most important visitors and maximize return on investment

Daniel Surmacz,


The data used in this research was derived from personalized retargeting tools developed by RTB House. The analysis covered selected campaigns served by the company in November 2015.

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