METRO and Tempo invite you to join the Christmas Champions


How do we know the winter holidays are coming?

Or, better yet, when do we feel the holiday spirit for the first time?

Every year there are the same signs. The stores, the restaurants, coffee shops and all those other small businesses get decorated for Christmas and spread the red and green jolly feeling. And then, the holiday shopping race begins – first for companies and then for all of us.

METRO, the long-term supporter of small businesses knows they are the ones that truly start the holiday season, both in spirit and in shopping. So this year has decided to tell it like it is and give credit to the small business owners: they are the Christmas Champions and anyone can join them by discovering the best holiday offers.

The TV executions feature the entrepreneurs from Matei & Fiul small shop and Vagonul de Gatit restaurant, introduced by the METRO 20 Years anniversary campaign and the Small Business Day event.  Our four heroes have better shopping training than Rocky Balboa, as they always find in METRO exactly what they need and exit the store in full glory, like winning athletes crossing the finish line first.

Besides the TV communication, the campaign signed by Tempo includes online, radio and in-store executions.

Tempo Advertising team that worked on the project includes: Razvan Mitoiu (Creative Director), Radu Vasile (Art Director), Adriana Chirtu (Copywriter), Mihai Preotu (Head of Strategy), Bogdan Ivascu (Group Account Director), Andra Sania (Senior Account Executive) and Andreea Racoceanu (Junior Account Executive).

From METRO Romania, the team members directly involved in this campaign are:  Marina Zara (Marketing Driver), Stratos Tsikmis (Head of Branding) and Ionelia Diaconu (Brand Communication Manager).

The TV spot was realized with Trilogy Film and directed by Iulian Moga.