Making the lives of your employees happier by offering massages at the workplace

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The marcomm industry, as interesting, challenging, beautiful and creative as it may be, brings with it late hours spent at work, back pain and poor blood circulation, especially if one has a position that requires a lot of attention to details and time spent in chair in front of the computer or laptop. The good things is that, once the economy is growing and companies start to realize the importance of offering their employees certain benefits, so is the wellness and well-being industry developing more and more and targeting those companies.

As the years go by, the Romanian companies are adopting the international trend and try to offer their employees as much benefits as possible, by being at the same time creative and innovative while doing it and choosing different programs, based on the people’s interests and needs. On this trend situates also the chair-massage at the workplace, proven to be one of the most effective therapies, that not only rise the productivity and help the employees keep a good health, but also bring joy in their lives and are well remembered and appreciated.

Only natural, if we are thinking that many of the benefits of chair massage for the employees are similar to the benefits of getting a full body massage at a spa, but in the comfort and convenience of the workplace. Onsite massage eliminates the need to travel to a massage clinic or spa, and is a fraction of the cost. Plus chair massage makes massage therapy accessible to those within one’s organization who are uncomfortable getting undressed and would otherwise never experience massage without it.

The on-site chair/table massages will relieve tension, relax the mind, rejuvenate their spirits and leave everyone ready to work. In just a 10 – 20 minutes chair massage or a 30 – 60 minutes table massage the employee’s spirits and morale are lifted, leaving them feeling good about their company.

Angela Coman, Co-Founder Belle Maison Spa

Angela Coman, Co-Founder Belle Maison Spa, who has its own program dedicated to companies and called “Corporate Zen”, presented us some of the greatest benefits of the chair massage at the workplace.  The program transports the people into a happier place for the time of the massage and after, making them feel as if they were at the spa for real.

1. Reduces stress

A whopping 85% stress reduction! Stress levels measured before and after each massage found one of the biggest benefits of seated massage therapy to be a seriously effective office stress reliever.
2. Decreases anxiety and depression 
One of the big benefits of office massages is that massage reduces anxiety by 26% and depression scores also improve by 28% after the massage.
3. Relieves muscle tension and pain
Back pain is literally cut in half with regular corporate chair massages. A decrease of 48% decrease was seen in the studies on back pain and tension.
4. Improves quality of sleep
Over multiple studies, the average improvement in sleep quality was 28%. That includes increased duration as well as fewer sleep disturbances.
5. Relieves headaches
Headaches are decreased by and average of 48% in duration and intensity with regular onsite massages.
One other way of helping with headaches is by ensuring your employees are spending enough time away from the screen and that they’re wearing suitable eyewear, like those from It’s important that in order to reduce any headaches and stress around the eyes, they should take regular breaks. This, combined with massages, can really help to ensure your staff are feeling their best at all times.
Across multiple studies, there was an average of a 6% drop in blood pressure, which may not sound like a lot. But that’s literally the difference between a hypertensive blood pressure and normal one, and that’s without any medication at all! Plus these studies showed that there was a lasting effect and the benefits of corporate massage programs showed very clearly as the massage group continued to have lower blood pressure than the control groups for weeks after treatment stopped.
7. Prevents repetitive strain injuries
On employees doing repetitive movements, weekly chair massage reduces the occurrence of repetitive stress injuries by 37%.
8. Increases immune function
During periods of stress, the effectiveness of the body’s immune system is reduced. According to he February, 2000 issue of E-Touch, a newsletter of the American Massage Therapy Association,  research indicates that massage can increase the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity (the activity level of the body’s natural “killer cells”) and decrease the number of T-cells, which improves the body’s immune functioning overall. In the studies on immune function, the good cells of the body perform 35% better as one of the benefits of corporate chair massage, and this is especially true for auto immune and inflammatory illnesses.
9. Treats carpal tunnel and tendonitis
One of the benefits of chair massage programs is that people with carpal tunnel and tendonitis issues see a decrease in pain and discomfort by 14%.
10. Increases focus, energy and mental clarity
After chair massages, employees in two studies show increased alertness, speed and accuracy on math computations following treatment.
The Belle Maison Spa specialists are ready to come to any office and offer the employees a moment of total relaxation and happiness. A massage takes up to 15 minutes, a therapist being able to do a minimum of 20 massages in 8 hours.