Creativity, efficiency, beauty or how flowers can bring success in your business


Either they are welcoming you while entering an office building or are smiling to you from an employee or partner’s desk, the flowers have the power to transform the world around them. Sending a bouquet or a special arrangement to a client or a partner is not only the prerogative of a celebrating, holiday or important moment, but it can also be a sign of your good business relationship, a thank you note or a reminder. All those occasions are perfect moments, but choosing the right flowers can sometimes prove to be tricky, especially if you are working in a creative field and you want to prove that through every detail of your work.

As the florist Oana Lamba, owner of the floral shop Olla, says the flowers need to send the right message and not be very personal.

The right message for the partners 

Every occasion can be the right one to show your appreciation: the signing of a new contract, accepting a proposal or being invited to an important pitch, receiving a tip, receiving an award or a nominations, at the end of an important project at which you work hard together, etc. The important thing is to always try and be original and keep your brand trademark. If in the case of old partners one can easily chose the favorite flowers, supported by a hand – written message, the challenge is more when it comes to a new client. One must try and learn a thing or two about that person prior to choosing the arrangement and sending it.

The seasonal flowers are always a good and inspired choice, as well as the plants that can be personalized with the florist’s help, in order to achieve the wow factor, but also give it a longer lifetime.

The employees are very important as well 

It’s important to remember our employees birthdays and special moments, to show them that you know and appreciate them. More than ever the personal touch counts a lot, a hand-written message and an unique bouquet being the right choice. Try using light vivid, bright colors and avoid the red roses or the flowers that are have a too strong perfume.

The event flowers

Organizing a special event for your company takes a lot of attention, to every detail. Our advice is to seek the help of a company or a professional florist that will be able to assist you and give you the best arrangements in-line with the occasion, the guests, the moment in time, the space, the concept of the event, etc. There are no clear rules when it comes to this department, but the good taste, creativity and dedication. The sky is the limit, only you are setting it.

Olla happily supported important events organized by the Royal House, major international brands such as Coca-Cola, Max Mara and players on the publishing market such as Forbes, Biz, Business Woman, etc.

The office flowers

What would a desk be without a something to show is yours? A dull desk will never bring efficiency and creativity, which are the main keys to success and productivity in business. Alongside other features, an inspired bouquet or arrangement can make all the difference and help you stand out in your office. Moreover, it can be a reason to be known in your company or help you impress the clients.

Just by adding flowers to your business meeting décor can help you to make a long lasting impression on your clients and anyone else that might come to a business meeting with you. Be sure to consider flowers for your business meeting today so that you can make the best impression.

Innovate with your space and the success will be right there with you. Don’t be afraid to try new materials, textures and flowers that you might not have heard of before. In this case, new is always good.

A vibrant, scented and flourishing bouquet is a great way to add a bit of character to your workplace! Whilst others may put their stamp on their desk with quirky mouse mats, pictures of loved ones or personalized mugs, flowers do this whilst lighting up both your desk and your mood! It doesn’t stop their either, a study undertaken at Texas A&M University found that both men and women exposed to fresh plants in a working environment demonstrated more innovative thinking – generating more ides and original solutions to problems.