Mercedes-Benz Trucks used 342 trucks to form the “World´s Largest Christmas Tree”


Brazilian independent agency Today and Mercedes-Benz Trucks used 342 trucks and dozens of drivers to create an outstanding marketing campaign – the “World´s Largest Christmas Tree” – which was recognized by the Guinness Book of the Records as “world´s largest truck image”

The “The biggest Christmas tree in the world” campaign was created by Today and aims to show truck drivers they must be proud of themselves for they can accomplish incredible things, including establishing a new world record recognized by the Guinness Book of the Records.

A team from the British publication went down to Brazil to check the live action which involved dozens of truck drives that aligned 350 trucks in order to form the image of a 150 meters Christmas tree. LED bulbs and wireshelped providing the effect captured by the lenses of several cameras, including one place in a drone and gave the tree a better look.

The ad shows drivers conducting their trucks without revealing exactly what was happening and where they were going to. Gradually, the effects expand the picture and reveal the incredible image of the new World Record Christmas tree. “We´ve asked Today to create an Christmas ad campaign as huge as the importance of truck drivers work in Brazil”, said Claudia Campos, a senior marketing executive of the company in Brazil.

“We want to praise truck drivers, as they are a professional category that corresponds to a greater of the driving forces of the Brazilian economy, while strengthening the connection between them and Mercedes-Benz Trucks brand. A long and hard working 72 hours process of preparation and recording led us to create this stunning ad campaign”, said Elisa Gorgatti, an executive creative director (ECD) at Today ad agency.

The campaign was brought to life in a terrace from a Mercedes-Benz Trucks dealer in Mauá, near São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil.