TBWA\RAAD and Amnesty International launched The Skins of Peace

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TBWA\RAAD signs the latest campaign for Amnesty International, The Skins Of Peace. The campaign aims to address the issue of Arabs and Muslims being mistreated in European and US airports because of their passports, a consequence of current political tensions and also due to a strong misconception that all Arabs and Muslims are terrorists and that Islam is a religion that preaches hate.


The agency worked with Amnesty International New York to turn the Arabic / Muslim passports into messages of tolerance and peace. As a result, the campaign, The Skins of Peace, is a collection of passport covers that showcase messages inspired by the holy book of Islam, The Quran. Adapted into a language all airport officials will understand: English.

The campaign wants to invite designers from around the world, no matter their background or religion, to participate. Over 50 designers have already donated their creations, which are now available on www.skinsofpeace.com.

Amnesty International with the support of TBWA\RAAD plans to select the best ones, produce the pass covers and take them to major International Airports and online retailers across the region and eventually the world. All proceeds will benefit Amnesty International USA’s work to combat Islamophobia and fight for the rights of refugees to rebuild their lives safely.

Amnesty International is also looking for retailers and sponsors that could help them spread the initiative