Romanian startup UiPath receives $30M funding from Accel Partners

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Romanian start-up UiPath, headquartered in US and with offices in six countries and specialized in developing and selling software automation tech for office environment work processes (Robotic Process Automation / RPA), received a new round of funding from Accel Partners, top investment fund who was also among the first to invest in now renown companies such are Facebook, Dropbox and Spotify.

UiPath’s software robots are programmed to take over the copy-paste type work from employees, freeing them from repetitive transational duties that are redundant to them.

In the start of this year, UiPath was recognized officially as global leader of the RPA industry and receives now a $30M investment which will help the company to continue its development, after an already stellar growth of 600% in 2016.

The current financing is an unique performance in the Romanian start-up environment and comes from Accel Partners and from the investors Earlybird Venture Capital, Credo Ventures and Seedcamp.

UiPath will use the support founding to hire the best software engineers and business professionals, with the aim to double the efforts to develop the humanoid cognitive characteristics within the technology of its “entreprise” product.

With 2 major version launched annually,¬†UiPath has behind a highly experienced team of Romanian programmers, young people attuned to the innovation which are implementing in UiPath’s development plan emergent properties from areas like machine learning and AI.