Diversity and inspiration at Cannes Lions 2017

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If you expect to see at Cannes Lions Festival only people working in the creative industries related to marketing and communication only, you’ll be surprised. This festival is special because when it comes to inspiration, the selection of the speakers takes account of diversity. In order to be inspired you need to step into different environments than those you are used to. You need to explore others worlds and other perspectives. So, what unexpected speakers can you see this year at Cannes Lions Festival?

Mentalism for marketers

Keith Barry is one of the world’s leading mentalists and illusionists. As a world-renowned performer, Keith has toured for many years showcasing his mind-blowing skills in every corner of the globe. This year, at Cannes Lions, he will demonstrate his ability to read the minds of his subjects and his audience; he’ll explore and identify the simple insights that can help marketers better understand, predict and promote customer behavior.

Inspiration through music


Lang Lang, pioneering pianist, educator, philanthropist, United Nations ambassador – however you address him, he is a true artist. Known for being an innovator and a collaborator way beyond his core field of classical music, Lang Lang is a cultural icon in China. In the session hold at the festival, he will be on hand to offer his take on music, marketing and brands and regale tales of his personal experience, creative power and future ambitions.

Creativity from space

Mike Massimino served as a NASA Astronaut from 1996-2014, flying in space twice and walking in space four times for the final two Hubble Telescope servicing missions. He was the first person to tweet from space and the last to work inside of Hubble. At Lions Health section he will talk about how he fought for his creative life.

Survival of the Fittest

Once purely a biological theory, survival of the fittest has brought down or propped up the unlikeliest companies. Those too big to fail, did and those innovating on a hunch, succeeded. The rules are being rewritten every day. Dana White, President, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), oversees the world’s premier mixed martial arts (MMA) organization with more than 250 employees across three continents. He will talk about understanding the importance of resilience in the face of constant disruption.

Can Creativity Change the World?

Great ideas are the fuel of progress. And creativity is the fuel of change. Christine Lagarde, the first woman managing director of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) during one of the world’s most challenging economic crises, will talk about how she is using creativity to fuel both progress and change across the globe. Her innovative thinking is not only used to help global economies grow and prosper, but also to empower young women to shape the world of tomorrow.