Alexis Bonte, partner with Whyttest, Romanian video games’ and software apps’ testing company

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One of the most prolific investors in Romanian start-ups, Alexis Bonte is, starting this year, partner with Whyttest, Romanian company specialized in testing video games and software apps.

Whyttest, which had over €800,000 turnover last year, was founded in 2014 by Marius Potirniche, following an investment that reached, after 3 years, to circa €100.000. The company has a team of over 60 professionals specialized in Quality Assurance (QA) and has in portfolio local and international companies.

Alexis Bonte
Alexis Bonte

I know Marius since the days he was managing our studio in Bucharest (eRepublik). I wished to work together due to his managerial skills and because he is a natural born team-builder, essential qualities for a company leader. The moment he decided to open Whyttest, I was strongly convinced he will do an excellent job, and the team he built and the services he offered matched the higher standards. The experience and entrepreneurial intuition are visible in the evolution of Whyttest, company that is active in a sector he knew very well, QA – video games and software testing

Alexis Bonte

Alexis Bonte is co-founder and executive director at eRepublik Labs. He is also executive director at Atomico, offering consultancy regarding investments in France, Spain and Portugal, and non-executive president for the video & music community Trilulilu and service.

Recently, he invested in Jampp, ad platform for mobile apps, and has numerous angel investments, especially in Europe. Previous to eRrepublik Labs, Alexis worked with for 6 years, first as business development director (UK), sales and marketing director (France) and General Manager (Italy). In 2012, he was recognized as  YGL (Young Gobal Leader) by Davos’ World Economic Forum.

Alexis’ decision to invest in Whyttest is a joy and a recognition of the way we developed in those first 3 years. The time spent with him represented an extraordinary school for me and I am convinced that, together, we will find new ideas to develop this business on a local and regional market with a huge potential. We have the best team, we have the advantage of working for challenging clients, I am sure Whyttest is the most efficient solution for gaming and software companies looking for the best quality testing services

Marius Potirniche,

Founder Whyttest