Efforts for inter-measurable Total Video eco-system in Romania

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Info-Sanatate, GBD Research and Romanian Association for Indoor Advertising have made the first steps towards an inter-measurable Total Video eco-system in Romania, by introducing a Marketing ROI Multiscreen modeling for evaluating the effectiveness of the multiscreen campaigns, using both classical TV stations and indoor TV platforms (digital place-based).

Due to increased needs for transparency regarding the total video campaigns and also the industry requests for multiscreen video campaigns, Info-Sanatate, GBD Research and the Romanian Association for Indoor Advertising organized a think-thank that aimed to create a Marketing ROI Modeling for the multiscreen campaigns in Romania. The discussions took place between March-May 2017 and they were focused on analyzing the complementary value of the two video media types with comparable audience indicators: TV stations and indoor video platforms.

The Marketing ROI Multiscreen model includes audience data and campaign effectiveness indicators which are relevant for analyzing the multiscreen ROI; the model includes the specifics of each video media type in attaining various communication goals (e.g. Quality Builder vs. Reach Builder). The analysis is comprised of five modules: Audience, Campaign Reach, Campaign Effectiveness, Multiscreen Campaign Impact and Post-campaign Incremental Sales.

The analytical initiative was above all a process of integration of a wide range of perspectives and know-how, which guided us towards modeling a ROI analysis on several levels, having at the same time a practical purpose for campaigns evaluation. The Marketing ROI model combines audience research data with estimations and parameters specific to each campaign, offering pre and post campaigns overviews to the advertising clients and facilitating the most appropriate decision

Alexandru Larionescu,

managing partner GBD Research


 We wish to emphasize the complementarity of the Indoor TV platforms and the classical TV stations. For Info-Sanatate, the audience it is mainly composed of Light TV Viewers, which are expensive to reach with a 3+/4+ frequency through a standard TV campaign in Romania. During the discussions, we concluded that the specific added value for Info-Sanatate in a multiscreen campaign comes with the possibility to deliver “quality” messages, based on the product characteristics, in a non-aggressive, educational context

Ovidiu Brazdau,

managing partner Info-Sanatate

president Romanian Association for Indoor Advertising.


The Marketing ROI Multiscreen Model offers the advertising clients and the media agencies a new tool for media evaluation, based on two main criteria:

– The effectiveness of video advertising investment in a media type with no clutter, in an educational context, with editorial topics regarding well being, emotional intelligence, parenting and many positive messages.

– the effectiveness of a media campaign is analyzed using the same media parameters, such as reach, frequency, GRPs, TRPs, sales, providing conclusions which can support the client towards a more effective investment decision

Bogdan Prajisteanu,

CEO QuanticaBiz

We have designed a very effective communication channel, by limiting the number of Ads to a maximum of 30% of the video playlist. The Ads are automatically inserted between educational and informative video news, there are no “ad breaks” or “ad clutter”. As a support for our advertising clients, Info-Sanatate video administration software allows for the distribution of different messages for each insertion per hour, e.g. if the campaign has four insertions per hour, each insertion can deliver complementary key-messages

Laura Voinea,

Head of Ad Operations Info-Sanatate

The Marketing ROI Multiscreen Modeling is the final step of a developmental process started in 2011 by Info-Sanatate, GBD Research and the Romanian Association for Indoor Advertising aimed at upgrading the total video eco-system in Romania, by implementing the international standards for audience and effectiveness measurement of the digital place-based platforms.

The following indicators were selected and included in the Multiscreen Campaign ROI Modeling:

  • Audience Indicators: TTV Rtg, Indoor TV Audience, Net Reach, Effective Reach 2+/3+/4+, TRP/GRP by target, Effective Ad Exposure Frequency, Heavy TV Viewers, Medium TV Viewers, Light TV Viewers
  • Campaign Effectiveness Indicators: Ad Recall, Brand Awareness, Ad Recognition, Contextual Relevance, Purchase Intent, Brand Activation, Contextual Relevance
  • Multiscreen Effectiveness Indicators: Multiscreen Total Ad Exposures, Ad Impact Reach, Ad Recall, Too much advertising, Advertising Avoidance, Audience Duplication, CPT, Cost per Incremental Reach, Incremental GRPs for reaching Light TV Viewers.
  • Post-campaign Incremental Sales Indicators: Purchase Intent Score, Conversion Rate, Incremental Buyers, Post-campaign Sales Effect, Incremental Sales, Return on Investment per campaign, Sales Cycle.

The Multiscreen Marketing ROI model is available for research and educational purposes, at no extra cost, through GBD Research and Romanian Association for Indoor Advertising.

Info-Sanatate is the largest digital signage network in Romania, with more than 300 displays in waiting rooms of medical clinics and hospitals in 90 towns and cities.