MedLife goes on ”Making Romania Better” through its brand new campaign, ”Tomorrow’s Technology”

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MedLife, the leader of private medical services in Romania, takes a step forward into the technology era and launches the ”Tomorrow’s Technology („Tehnologia de mâine”) campaign, because today’s medicine works through tomorrow’s technology and MedLife is constantly preoccupied to invest in state-of-the-art technologies.

The campaign represents the continuation of the approach to heal Romania, introduced by the Hippocratic Oath, and focuses on the indisputable advantages which the evolution of technology brings to the medicine field. Over 5 million patients have paid them a visit and gained access to advanced medical equipment, which allow the solution of certain complicated and thorough cases.

Thus, the third episode of the Oath brings forward the state-of-the-art medical equipment, that helps the doctors solve complex cases. Among the main reasons why technology should be a part of the medical act are the importance of establishing a correct diagnosis, of detecting a disease in its early stages, of performing complex interventions. This way, the once impossible results become possible, which makes doctors feel like turning into ”super-doctors”.

MedLife has proposed to heal Romania and this fact is only possible through the performance of the medical act and providing quality services. In order to reach this point, the resource and components quality is really important. Both the team of highly trained doctors and the permanent investment for state-of-the-art equipment contribute to this goal. Because the patient is the main beneficiary and he is the heart of our concerns

Simona Iliescu,

Marketing Manager MedLife

First of all, ”Tomorrow’s Technology” refers to the people who make possible all the beautiful things that happen at MedLife. The highly advanced medical technologies, such as RMN 3Tesla – the most advanced imaging equipment in Romania, the Philips Angiography Apparatus – a state-of-the-art device or the MedLife Grivița laboratory, which is the first one built in Romania and Eastern Europe equipped with an automatic line, are developed by passionate people, who have dedicated their lives to the service of saving other lives, which can be one of the most noble jobs and gestures in the whole world.

A number of surgeries have been successfully completed with the help of the technology used by MedLife’s ”super-doctors”, becoming even a medical premiere in Romania, such as:

  • the case of a child who was born with umbilical vein trombosis. According to existing studies, it is the first case to be registered in Romania, that the child is born alive and manages to survive thanks to proper medical management, and the 22nd worldwide case, the last but one newborn reported in Japan who has survived despite this disease.
  • the case of a one-year-and-a-month-old child born with a cerebral malformation, diagnosed with parallelepipedal fistula. It is for the first time in Romania when a medical team locates and removes such a fistula from a child at such a young age, being the seventh case reported worldwide.
  • a laparoscopic surgery to remove a cystically transformed adrenal gland from a 34-year-old patient, who had severe obesity. The intervention was a first for MedLife’s medical system.
  • an intervention to remove a brain tumor from a 60-year-old patient. The patient had been diagnosed with atypically recurrent cerebral meningioma, fronto-parietally located, on the left side. Prior to being taken over by the NeuroLife physicians, the patient underwent three tumor removal surgeries, but despite surgery, radiotherapy treatment and periodic checks, this recurrence always occured in other areas of the brain.

Under the approach of ”Healing Romania”, ”Tomorrow’s Technologyoutlines the core of MedLife and reunites all the components that have transformed the brand throughout the years into the most trustworthy and well-known medical services provider in the country: the perseverance of the teams of highly trained doctors, the desire to advance and do more, the complete technology that targets all the areas necessary in order to meet the promise of a quality medical act and last but not least the excellence proved to each patient on a daily basis, for 21 years.

The integrated campaign is supported through the following means: TV, digital & social media, indoor. In addition, it is supported by a series of communication projects accomplished together with influencers and PR activities.

The team that has made the campaign possible:

Simona Iliescu – Marketing Manager

Ina Badarau – Public Relations Manager

Diana Grosu – Marketing Specialist

Alis Lupu – PR Specialist

Alexandru Vladu – Digital Marketing Specialist

Andreea Laca – PR Specialist

Mariana Ursoi – Customer Anlyst

The MedLife doctors – who appear in the spot:

Dr. Dan Șuiaga – Neurosurgery Specialist

Dr. Caliopia Gavril – Parfene – Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist

Dr. Alexandrina Tatu – Primary Cardiologist

Dr. Florina Pinte – Primary Cardiologist

Dr. Borgdan Marcel – Primary Surgeon

The Jazz Team:

Valentin Suciu – Creative Director & Partner

Alina Vârlănuță – Group Creative & Copywriter

Raluca Matei – Head of Art

Andrei Antal – Junior Copywriter

Irina Pencea – Managing Partner

Andreea Călărașu – Creative Planner

Georgiana Rotaru – Account Director

Alexandra Coancă – Account Executive

The MSL The Practice Team:

Monica Jitariuc- Managing Director

Oana Bulexa – Managing Director

Anca Gheorghe – Head of Experience & Events

Oana-Andreea Logigan – PR Director

Mara Balaban – PR Specialist