Eclectic composes the modern day cinematic score for Debenhams’ Fairy Tale #YouShall

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Debenhams unveils its highly-anticipated 2017 Christmas campaign, #YouShall. Scored by Eclectic, the festive advert sees the British retail giant weave a modern-day fairy tale.

Creatively devised by JWT, this year’s Christmas campaign arguably features the brand’s strongest storytelling yet. The film depicts a modern-day fairy tale, tipping its hat to some of film’s great romances. It begins with two people on a train who, despite being strangers, share an instant connection. Before they can introduce themselves, the woman rushes off – leaving behind a glittering stiletto. In a modern touch, the love-struck strangers take to Twitter on an epic search, creating a social media storm. With a dash of Christmas magic and a helping hand from Ewan Gregor, who narrates their story, the couple are reunited.

Eclectic created a bespoke soundtrack for the festive 90-second festive film. Composer, Chris White, crafted a suitably seasonal sound to underpin the epic Christmas love story.

Cliff Wilson, Partner and Executive Producer Eclectic, comments:

I’ve always been a massive fan of a good Christmas ad – the more sparkle the better as far as I’m concerned. But here, JWT, with a little help from our Composer Chris White, have created something really special. We’re very proud of it.

Simon Elms, Founder Eclectic, comments:

While the style and sound of the music is something we’re all very familiar with – that is, big dramatic cinematic soundscapes – Chris has managed to be incredibly delicate and tasteful with this. A great tune with a load of Christmas Potter-esque magic thrown in. Brilliant.

#YouShall launched in its entirety as a 90-second clip at midnight on Thursday 9th November 2017 as part of a YouTube takeover.

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Client: Debenhams

  • Marketing Director: Richard Cristofoli
  • Director of Marketing Operations: Jane Exon
  • Director of Creative: Mark Stevens
  • Head of Marketing Communications: Sean McGinty
  • Senior Marketing Manager: Christopher Byrne

Creative agency: J. Walter Thompson, London

  • Executive Creative Director:  Lucas Peon
  • Creative Director:  Andy Smith
  • Business Director: Sally Emerton
  • Account Manager: Kate Hicks
  • Agency Producer: Charlotte Jude
  • Assistant Producer: Edmund Thorn
  • Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich
  • Director of Photography: Christophe Collette

Production Company: Believe Media UK

  • Producer: Ben Croker
  • Executive Producer UK: James Covill
  • Production Manager: Kate Wynborne
  • Production Designer: Marketa Korinkova

Editing: The Quarry

  • Editor: Mark Whelan @ The Quarry

Post Production Sound: 750mph

  • Sound:  Sam Ashwell @ 750mph

Post Production: The Mill

  • Post Producer: Ian Berry
  • Colourist: James Bamford
  • VFX Supervisor: James Maclachlan

Music: Eclectic

  • Music Producer: Cliff Wilson
  • Composer: Chris White
  • Talent Negotiator: Melsie Brown