NYF travels to Ecuador with a screening of its best creative works

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New York Festivals presents itself in Ecuador by holding a screening on December 6th – the Worldwide Advertising Day.

This screening is presented globally every year, and Ecuador could not be the exception, The Crewtives, a recognize media in Latin America known for broadcasting Ecuador’s new talents to the world, was chosen to hold NYF representation in Ecuador. This event will have the support of Universidad Casa Grande.

The screening will present this year winner’s reel, the announcement and discussion of the selected ecuadorian jury for the 2018 NYF Award, among them: Xavo Barona C.E.O. de la facultad, Luis Campoverde C.O.O. de Véritas DDB, Jimmy Landaburu S.D.A. de Creacional AAG y Xavier Prado D.C.A. de McCANN Ecuador.

The assistants will also be able to know success cases from important leaders of the industry. Likewise and with Levector’s sponsorship they will be able to analyze exclusive creativity examples on the Best Creative Work – Screening Ecuador.

The Crewtives:

This year we want to motivate agencies and especially students from our most recognized Universities to make the decision to compete and showcase their work and talent in one of the most important festival of the creative industry worldwide.

Susan Glass Ruse C.O.O. NYF:

Thank you The Crewtives for hosting the screening of the New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Rodrigo Cisternas (Decano de la facultad de Comunicación Mónica Herrera” de La Universidad Casa Grande):

The NYF has been for decades a referent of the worldwide creative industry and is with great satisfaction that today we can count in Ecuador with representatives, competitors and the screening of the best in advertising in its different categories.

The 2018 New York Festivals are now open for entries. The New York Festivals International Advertising Awards World’s Best Advertising screening will be feature in Guayaquil, Wednesday, December 6th 2017 at Hilton Colon Hotel Launch Fernandina IV -V