Solution for traffic fluidity, offered for free by a Romanian company to Bucharest City Hall

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Romanian software producer Intensiva United proposed for free to Bucharest City Hall solutions to make Romanian’s capital traffic more fluid. Metrici offers for free to Bucharest’s City Hall IP video cams and software solutions for traffic fluidity and management.

The company’s CSR initiative comes after an increase of the time spent by people and their cars in traffic jams, problem caused by the explosion of the number of cars registered in Bucharest, a problem affecting the quality of all inhabitants’ life.

Romania’s capital ranks first in a top of the cities with most busy traffic in Europe. In the European top made by  TomTom, Bucharest scored 50%, up 7% compared to the previous year.

To understand the seriousness of the problem, it is relevant the fact that Bucharest isn’t only on the 1st place in Europe when it comes of traffic problems, but also 5th at international level, after Mexico City, Bangkok, Jakarta and Chongqing, all with a population of over 9M inhabitants each. TomTom’s calculations show that, at peak hours, the travel time in Bucharest doubles compared to a normal period, with the average Bucharest inhabitant loosing around 218 hours in traffic in 2016.

Considering all these facts, Metrici decided to propose Bucharest’s City Hall internal solutions to improve the situation. To start, the soft company and its partners will offer to the City Hall video cams, servers and software solutions used to analyse and handle traffic.

We are aware that City Hall cannot solve through magic or instantly the problems accumulated in time. That is why we come to support the administration with solid proposals and initiatives, not only with critics or advises. I believe we can, together, realize a fast modernization of Bucharest that would benefit all. That is why we invite also other companies that can improve the quality of life in Bucharest and not only to join us in this initiative aimed to help the society. We are demanding those who can to take over this initiative and to come with solid proposals and efforts in this sense. Our purpose is to help as partners. I consider this initiative as a personal obligation towards my home town and it is a responsibility for all of us

Vlad Georgescu,

CEO Metrici

Metrici is a Romanian software solution able to recognize cars’ registration plates and can be used, among others, to manage traffic and develop a friendlier and smarter city. Metrici offers statistic analysis usable for real time dynamic management of traffic or for its planning. One of the solutions offered by Metrici is that, when a certain number of cars (per hour / per minute) occurs, to send an alert or switch an IP traffic light.

The solution offers reports segmented on zones, time intervals, traffic peaks or number of cars. Moreover, it can calculate the average speed on certain hour intervals or compare traffic between two streets, which allows seeing which streets are less used at peak hours. Considering these parameters, measures can be taken in order to redirect routs, modify direction of driving, establishing alternative routes depending on hours, setting different traffic lights’ times. The managers also have access to comparative analysis of traffic habits.

The solution can also be used to consolidate the need to respect the lanes reserved to public transportation.

Metrici can be integrated with external systems, both software and hardware, such are traffic lights or displays that can show arrival times in stations for public transport. The software also offers solutions to manage and administrate parking lots and parking places on and off-street or to direct drivers towards free spaces.

Metrici offers to Bucharest City Hall IP video cams and software’s licences without no obligation from the Romanian capital’s administration, in order for it to use it as a first step to solve the traffic problems in Bucharest

Metrici is a Romanian brand developed by Intensiva United, specialized in offering software solutions for traffic management, to manage and administrate parking places, control access, marketing resources and so on, which can span from recognizing in cars’ registration plates. Metrici has clients in over 25 countries around the world