Bancpost brings back in Romanian schools the Banking for All program

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Bancpost starts the third edition of its multi-annual financial education program  Banking for All, where more than 4,000 students in the 1st – 8th grades in Bucharest and throughout the country are expected to participate. The program is a result of the bank’s commitment to actively help in widening and strengthening the financial knowledge among the youth, within the framework of the social responsibility platform #bancpostpentrueducatie (#bancpostforeducation).

The little ones thus learn, by means of educational games, online applications, video images and direct interaction, information about the history of the banking system in Romania, basic concepts they encounter, such as card, savings account, investment, deposit, loan, and insurance, as well as also how they can adopt a responsible financial behaviour that can help them fulfil their wishes.

The financial education of the youth is a priority for both the educational system and the banking industry. Financial success is not the result of chance, but a teachable ability, and the earlier this education begins, the better the financial abilities become, such as the ability to manage budgets, to perform financial transactions and to capitalize on the personal assets. Thus, we perform financial education today with benefits for tomorrow, because learning correctly the basic financial concepts at an early age represents an essential pillar in forming strong generations, able to support a functional and financially sustainable society

Aura Toma,

Bancpost Marketing and Communication Executive Manager

The financial education sessions are carried out in a creative and interactive manner, being supported by the Bancpost employees, voluntarily involved in the program, so that the experience of the banking specialists is capitalized for the benefit of the students and teachers. The program has been developed each year by adding new educational components and was made available to as many students and teachers as possible. This year, the program will be extended nationally, to 16 new cities throughout the country. The courses combine in a balanced manner a theoretical part, adapted to the learning habits of the new generations, where interactivity, mobile devices and multimedia materials are basic pillars, with a practical part where the students visit a Bancpost unit and learn about its organisation and how to use the special devices for counting banknotes and coins.

The financial education programme Banking for All received over time a number of awards and recognition from the banking and communication industry: PR Awards – Silver Award for Excellence (2016), CSR Awards in the category of Education / Communication of banking products and services (2016) and the “Financial Education Project of the Year” at the Piata Financiara magazine Awards Gala (2017).