Portugal: Political Festival aims to confront Portuguese with prejudice and discrimination

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“Portugal. Made of diversity. Made of love “. This is the signing of a new advertising campaign that intends to confront the Portuguese people with their prejudices and the way they view the people from other countries that live in Portugal. The film presents four couples that reflect the diversity of the Portuguese population.

The spot touches on the central theme of this year Political Festival. After the problem of abstention that gave the motto for the 2017s edition, this year the focus is on issues of equality and non-discrimination. The campaign is launched this Monday in social media and, after that, at RTP3, on April 13th.

In the world we live in, advertising has a moral obligation to help build a more tolerant society.” This film shows a new, proudly liberal and multicultural country, showing how Portugal can teach the world a lesson

João Gomes de Almeida,

Campaign’s creative director

The film was directed by Gonçalo Franco and produced by Krypton.

Being able to participate from the genesis in a citizenship project like the Political Festival is, besides from a great honor, a great challenge. I, as well as a citizen, am a political agent, have a personal view of the subject, but when I was behind the camera producing this campaign, I’ve put myself in the shoes of the characters. ‘How do they feel about this? If they were in my place, what would they want to capture? ‘ This is what I always try to do in my work in order to find the essence of the story we are portraying and, in this way, to make it as real as possible in the eyes of the spectator

Gonçalo Franco

The Political Festival runs from April 19th to April 22nd and includes in its program films, conversations, debates, concerts, workshops and art that intend to make society think about  in which way we exercise our citizenship.

The event counts with Greenmedia, as media sponsor. At the end of the week, the Political Festival’s journal, with eight pages and a circulation of 7,500 copies, will begin to be distributed in Lisbon. The newspaper shares reflections about the discrimination in Portugal.

It is important to remember that Political Festival’s 2017s campaign, created by João Gomes de Almeida and produced by Krypton won two golds in the Meios & Publicidade Communication Awards and one gold in the Sapo Awards. The film turned out to be viral in both Portugal and France, where it was used, in a version subtitled in French, by Emmanuel Macron’s supporters in the presidential runoff against Marine Le Pen.