Bitdefender study: Over 25% of Romanian urban homes are smart. Smart TVs, most used.

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Around 28% of Romanian urban homes have at least 4 intelligent devices connected to the internet, as a Bitdefender study shows. The intelligent devices owned by the families that participated to the study are both traditional (laptop, tablet, phone, PC) and part of the new wave (smart TVs, smart watches, wireless thermostats, web cams, home access systems, game consoles, refrigerators, washing machines and clima connected to the internet, switches and illumination installations, outlets or movement sensors).

Smart TV is present in one of 3 urban homes, being the most present device after smartphone, laptop and tablet, but also the most intensely used connected device, even more often then the traditional desktop devices, baby cams or intelligent watches.

4 out of 10 smart TV owners say they use the device to browse the internet, watch cable TV programs, and less then a third use it as a security solution aimed to protect themselves from informatic risks.

Although using a smart TV on daily basis, half of owners say they never updated the operating system, most saying they don’t have time (40%), don’t know how (23%) or don’t understand the role of the updates (18%).

Lacking any protection form, smart TVs are open to many security risks, among which theft of personal data, invading privacy or transborder informatic attacks.