The Full Service and Samsonite launched a new global campaign, #GenerationGo

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The stylish, energy fueled performances and those fabulous bags are all back for the third collaboration between The Full Service and Samsonite. But this time it’s featuring an all girl gang with some killer attitude and serious style as part of #GenerationGo campaign

Led by Negin Mirsalehi – one of Instagram’s top influencers and CEO of a multi-million company – this cast presents a lesson in female empowerment for the modern world.

Negin says:

I’m so excited to work with Samsonite on their latest campaign. I’ve been a long time fan of the brand, and I always travel with a Samsonite suitcase by my side. The quality is so good, and the cases look super-stylish.

Vicky Lawton, stills photographer for the campaign alongside Rankin, said:

We had an incredible atmosphere. It encouraged everyone to relax and have fun with the shoot, plus we got some really unexpected, authentic moments from the talent, they were great to work with.

The cast flaunts an array of bags that will take you from A to B – and as far as Z – with absolute style and ease. But it’s not just for the global voyager, the campaign features three best selling ranges to suit every woman’s needs. T

Alessandra Madonia, Samsonite Communications Manager says:

With the Generation Go campaign, we wanted to connect with all the women who travel, explore and discover in their every day life. Whether it’s for a business day trip or a global adventure, Samsonite empowers them to safely carry their precious belongings without renouncing their style or personality.

To capture all this with Bold, Brave and Beautiful visuals, The Full Service conceptualized and produced a huge campaign including OOH, digital, still life and moving image, with an impressive global reach to go with it.

Not only did they have world-renowned photographer and director Rankin on board to shoot the content, the creative agency pulled out all the stops and used a little (or big) something they like to call ‘The Super Shoot’.

Rankin explains:

It’s pretty cool, we conceive content for all channels from one creative concept. Then we capture it all in one go. It’s amazing to see and it’s so effective. I’m really proud to say that we are at the forefront of the industry with this new process and I’m equally as proud of the content it creates.