Prisoners reviews books for a Brazilian publishing house ad campaign signed by Artplan

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According to the latest survey of Reading Portraits in Brazil, conducted by Ibope, Brazil has 56% readers, and the Brazilian reads less than five books per year. That’s very little. Meanwhile, a survey conducted in the Federal District revealed that inmates read nine times more than the national average. Following a recommendation from the National Justice Council (CNJ), prisoners from all over the country have had the opportunity not only to read the most varied titles but also to produce reviews of those books. Each of these reviews is evaluated by a committee and can result in four days of remission of the sentence.

Now, these synopses and analyses come to life, voice, image and content through the project The Prison Reviews, created by Artplan agency for book publisher Editora Carambaia. To support reading and producing reviews among inmates and showing they have a different profile than many people imagine, dozens of books from the publisher were donated to the Center for Penitentiary Progression in Hortolândia, where the educator Elisande de Lourdes Quintino de Oliveira conducts reading and critical texts production among inmates. The texts produced by them were used in many communication materials of the publisher, such as magazine ads, posters in bookstores, social networking posts, radio spots, bookmarks, among others.

In addition, a short documentary, produced by Videocubo, shows the experience of prisoners participating in the project with testimonials of how their lives and thoughts have changed with this action.

In a time when intolerance and segregation seems to be getting such strength, we believe it is important to support an inclusion project, specially for one of the most socially and culturally marginalized groups

Fabiano Curi,

Editor of Carambaia

Carambaia is a publisher focused on those who are passionate about reading, and we find that no one reads more than the prisoners. By giving voice to them and using the texts they produced, we show society that they are thinking, critical beings with their own opinions, which must be respected. In addition, we give visibility to the beautiful work of Elisande in the prison of Hortolândia

Marcos Abrucio,

Creative Director of Artplan


Agency: Artplan

Advertiser: Editora Carambaia

  • Creation: Ary Nogueira, Fred Cruz, Marcos Abrucio, Pablo Fernández Russo
  • Creative Direction: Marcelo Fedrizzi, Marcos Abrucio, Zico Farina
  • Website Development: Stephano Diego, Pedro Cernausan, Allisson Ferreira
  • Project Manager: Vivian Tomaz
  • Graphic Project: Bruno Werner
  • RTV: Patricia Oliva e Karoline Justino
  • Attendance: Eduardo Megale, Evelyn Silvestre, Rebecca Nociti, Vitória Borges
  • Media: Francisco Rosa, Halph Silva
  • Producer: Videocubo
  • Direction: Diogo Dias de Andrade
  • Direction of Photography: Anderson Capuano
  • Direct Sound: Alfredo Guerra
  • Graphics: Rhuan Lima
  • Edition: Diogo Dias de Andrade
  • Soundtrack/mixing: LOUD
  • Photographer: Marcel Valvassori
  • Image Treatment: BVMCross
  • Calligraphy and Illustrations: Andrea Branco, Ângelo Birão, Tag Lima
  • Client Approval: Fabiano Curi, Renata Minami

Led by Rodolfo Medina, Artplan is the largest agency with 100% national capital of the Brazilian market and acts as a HUB of communication solutions for its clients. In 2017, the year of its fiftieth anniversary, it jumped from 20th place to 11th in the ranking of agencies (Kantar Ibope Media). According to the Agency Scope 2016, Artplan was the 3rd agency best evaluated in the vision of its clients and the 1st in Service, Quality of the Team and Top Management Involvement, in addition, it has stood out, for three consecutive years, in the ranking Great Place to Work. The agency has about 360 employees, distributed in three offices: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília.