#ITSNOTAMYTH by Mestiça Agency collects 30 tons of aluminum pull-tabs, turns it into wheelchairs

Advertising, CSR

For years, people have wondered if it’s fact or fiction that pull-tabs from aluminum cans can be transformed into wheelchairs.  To shed some light on this doubt, Mestiça Agency and the On Wheels Institute (Instituto Entre Rodas) launched the campaign #ITSNOTAMYTH (#NÃOÉMITO), demonstrating to people that it is, in fact, possible for pull-tabs to be exchanged for wheelchairs, showing the entire chain of production.  The campaign involves the assistance of cooperatives collecting cans and metallurgical companies working with the production of can tabs, eventually sharing the moments when the custom-made wheelchairs are delivered to disabled children between the ages of 5 and 14.

Today, the #ITSNOTAMYTH campaign enjoys the support of more than 200 collection points throughout São Paulo, including at companies like Leroy Merlin, Goodstorage and Volkswagen, in addition to public agencies and schools.  More than 30 million tabs have been collected, amounting to 30 tons and supplying the material for 10 custom wheelchairs for children.

The Mestiça agency embraced On Wheels’ cause from the very first meeting we had.  The fact that 120 thousand children are in need of wheelchairs is frightening, and we decided to use our creativity to help with the mission of making these children’s lives easier

Denis Filippini,

Partner Mestiça

The On Wheels Institute offers integrated development for children and adolescents with disabilities, studying in regular schools, whether through the donation of wheelchairs, the raising of awareness or support for wheelchair users.



Agency : Mestiça
Client: Entre Rodas
Produto: Institucional
Títle: Não É Mito
Creative Director: Luiz Parpulov
Head of Art: Eduardo Basque
Art Director: Eduardo Basque, Marcus Rochah, Fabio Crociati, Van Gus Ribolla
Copywriter: Rafael Campeão, Rafael Prioli
Head of Digital: Andre Marino
Digital Art Director: Andre Marino, Felipe Higashi, Pamela Gomes
Account: Eduardo Lovro, Tomás Oliveira, Pamella Novaes, Josuel Luna
Media: Willian Barbosa
Planning: Leandro Corrêa, Guilherme Freire
Graphic Producer: Carol Lopes
Retouch: Luiz Fasoli
Advertiser: Eliane Lemos

Logístic: Goodstorage
programmatic media: ROIx
Photographer: Johnny, Fabiana Stig
Animation Studio: Spirit Animation
Web Production Company: Lab Pix

Filme Production Company: PorqueEu
Director: Gabriel Braga
Executive Producer: Bruna Ciccarello
Photographer Director: Gabriel Braga, Maurício Prado
Editor: Bruno Godoy
Pós-Production: Bruno Godoy, Gabriel Anaraki

Sound Production Company: Lua Nova
Account : Gabriel Borsatto
Director: Lua Collab

Sound Prodcution Company: Canja Audio Culture
Account: Ana Flor
Audio Director Lucas Sfair, Filipe Resende
Audio Producer: Levi Mynssen